Instagram, the new feature changes everything: the details of the update

A very interesting new feature will arrive soon on Instagram and will change everything for Live. Here’s what it is

A new update designed for Live will arrive on Instagram soon (Pixabay)

One of the strengths of Instagram are its continuous updates, designed by developers to make the social network more and more functional and in step with the times. In this regard, a new dedicated super function is on the way to all lovers of Live.

Who has never happened to have to take a few minutes to adjust the lights and set all ‘settings’ for audio and video optimal? Until now, there is no possibility to do it off-screen but it all happens live. Very soon, however, a new update will introduce the long-awaited Practice Mode: here’s everything you need to know.

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Instagram, comes the “Practice Mode” for Live: the details

The official confirmation has also arrived from Instagram. After the rumors of the past weeks, we now know that the “Practice Mode”For Live. It is a sort of rehearsal room, in which to test lights, audio and video before going live. This section will be accessible directly in the dedicated Live tab. The options will appear “Public” e “Practice”, thanks to which you can decide whether to go directly on the air or do some tests.

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But that’s not all. Still on the Live, Instagram has decided to launch the possibility of live programming. In this way, it will no longer be necessary to wait even a second. 15 minutes before the scheduled time, the account owner will receive a notification with a reminder.


Instagram feature details update

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