Great Britain, deputy David Ammes killed: stabbed. “Killer of Somali origin”

Great Britain, deputy David Ammes killed: stabbed. “Killer of Somali origin”
Great Britain, deputy David Ammes killed: stabbed. “Killer of Somali origin”

London, October 15, 2021 – The deputy 69enne David amess of the Tory majority that supports the British government of Boris Johnson is died after being attacked by a stranger e stabbed repeatedly in Essex, south of England. Amess was attacked inside a Methodist church, during a meeting with his constituents in his own college.

David Amess, who was the dead MP stabbed


The aggressor – a 25enne – has been arrested, while investigating the motive. According to the British Conservative Daily Telegraph, the killer is a British citizen of “Somali origins”. The weapon used for the murder is a knife. In 2016, Labor MP Jo Cox was killed in a similar attack by a right-wing extremist.

The British counter-terrorism police is ready to take the lead in the investigation. The Guardian announced it.

Amess was an MP in Southern West constituency, Essex, and had been in the House of Commons since 1983. The attack occurred around noon and the attacker was arrested on site. The young man, reports the ‘Sun’, entered like a fury the premises of the Methodist church in the town of Leigh-on-Sea, in Essex, where Amess was meeting the citizens, and rushed forcefully on him, raging with numerous stab wounds in front of the horrified citizens. Immediately the police stopped the attacker and the paramedics tried for a long time to stabilize Amess’s condition and then to resuscitate him, but without success.

A Downing Street le flags are at half mast. There followed the unanimous certificates of homage to the memory of Amess and the condemnation of the aggression by party comrades, political opponents and exponents of all sides. The media await the return to London of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been on vacation in Marbella, Spain for a few days, coinciding with a period of pause in parliamentary activities. Among the messages of condolence, that of Carrie Johnson, wife of the premier and in the past responsible for the communication of the Tory group to the municipalities, was very heartfelt.

“I am shocked” for the death of David Amess, “a friend and a kind man”. Thus the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, commented tonight from Downing Street on the news of the Congressman’s death. Johnson, quickly returned to London at the news of the attack against his party mate, at the end of a planned meeting outside the government that took place in Bristol in the afternoon after a period of vacation spent in Marbella, Spain with his family.

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