The revelation on citizenship income: “This is how they pay it”

The revelation on citizenship income: “This is how they pay it”
The revelation on citizenship income: “This is how they pay it”

Basic income refinanced with millions of euros intended for the retirement of precocious workers or employed in strenuous activities. This revelation comes from Giancarlo Giorgetti, immediately after today’s fire CDM. And precisely this truth would be the origin of the clash between the parties gathered to give the green light to the decree with tax rules.

During today’s Cdm, the main tensions were recorded for the problems relating to the economic measure of the grillina matrix. Those present were animated by the different views on citizenship income: positions so distant from each other that they forced the former governor of the European Central Bank to postpone any decisions on the matter to the next CDM. The meeting, therefore, should take place next Tuesday, when the discussion should mainly focus on budget law.

But what happened? Today, during the Council of Ministers that gave the green light to the tax decree, the various souls of the government clashed over citizenship income. On the one hand, the grillini (and Pd) try to preserve a few percentage points by defending their creature with the sword, on the other all the other parties that see this measure as a failure have lined up. And Draghi? He has never made an explicit statement, opening up the possibility of making it changes without, however, ever going into detail, so as to avoid stomach ache capable of shaking the majority that supports it. “Income is inspired by the principles of equality, but it has limits especially on the front of active labor policies”, he replied to a student who had sent him his degree thesis on “citizenship income”. The feeling therefore remains that something will be changed, even if it is not possible to grasp the modalities of this presumable change.

The League harshly criticizes the five-star income because of the refinancing arrangements. According to what Giancarlo Giorgetti declared immediately after the Cdm, to feed the measure until the end of the year, resources would have been subtracted from emergency income, early access to retirement for strenuous jobs, access to retirement for early workers and finally to parental leave.

Giorgetti’s words of fire

“I beg your pardon, I have arrived now because we have had some trouble in Cdm today “, begins the Northern League, justifying his delay at the rally in support of Matteo Bianchi in Varese.“I see that the sites are titled ‘Clash in CDM on Citizenship Income’. The problem”, Giorgetti points out, “Yes, it is refinancing, but what seemed unacceptable to me and the Lega is that the coverage of the last three months of the citizenship income was financed with 40 million euros, unused, for the retirement of precocious workers and 40 million for jobs wearing “.

The minister is succinct: “Using resources, for people who started working at 15, on citizenship income was at least provocative. I hope that the final version of the decree does not contain these coverage rules“.

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