The first photo of Beatrice of York with her daughter causes the storm to break out

The first photo of Beatrice of York with her daughter causes the storm to break out
The first photo of Beatrice of York with her daughter causes the storm to break out

At 11:42 pm on September 18th, Sienna Elizabeth Mapelli Mozzi, daughter of, was born at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Beatrice of York and her husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. The child is Queen Elizabeth’s twelfth great-granddaughter and eleventh in line of succession to the throne. The new parents, who experienced pregnancy and childbirth in complete secrecy, were photographed during Sienna’s first walk, which took place three weeks after birth. Unexpectedly, however, the shots were the subject of a diatribe on social media, with rather contemptuous comments.

Beatrice’s look

On 11 October, the Daily Mail published the photographs depicting the Princess Beatrice and her husband strolling through the streets of London, pushing their eldest daughter’s pram. Both wore casual clothes: a jumpsuit, a white sweater, an olive green coat by Zara and simple sneakers for Beatrice of York, blue pullover, trousers and sneakers for Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Informal clothing for an equally intimate and familiar occasion.

In the photos the two appear smiling and happy, while chatting with some escorts. This serene and completely normal atmosphere is not liked by some users of the social network who, as too often happens, wasted no time in arrogating to themselves the right to judge and criticize Beatrice of York and her husband with vitriolic words. The (unsolicited) ruling of the web censors has branded the princess with the label of “Trasandata”. Several users, perhaps a bit demanding, did not like the couple’s sporty outfits, much less Beatrice’s gathered hair and face without make-up.

One, as reported by Il Messaggero, commented: “Maybe I’ll be old fashioned, but when I went out with my kids I made sure I was wearing makeup, dressed well and with my hair washed and combed.” its Instagram there are those who cannot conceive that a princess, with all the privileges deriving from her status, has a neglected appearance: “Being a princess, she certainly does not lack help with the child, she could make an effort as a public figure and also for her husband”.

No casual princesses

In short, it seems that for some the word “princess” must always be synonymous with “fairytale”. Instead, perhaps, Beatrice of York unwittingly reiterated that princesses are, first of all, people just like us. Also on Instagram a user pointed out: “Finally someone who shows up normally”. Princess Beatrice even refused the usual photos a few hours after giving birth, a tradition followed, for example, by Princess Eugenia and Kate Middleton, but interrupted by Meghan Markle with eldest son Archie.

The Duchess of Sussexin fact, she waited a few days before being photographed with the baby and, for the occasion, she chose a white dress that emphasized the roundness due to pregnancy. It is possible that Beatrice of York also wanted to show us more closely the daily life of a princess, not always so glamorous. Simply normal.

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