“The center of Rome must be protected is the country’s calling card” – Corriere.it

“The center of Rome must be protected is the country’s calling card” – Corriere.it
“The center of Rome must be protected is the country’s calling card” – Corriere.it

«The historic center is the visiting card of the entire country. There can no longer be demonstrations: so even the tourists who have just returned leave “. The owner of the Hassler hotel, in Trinità dei Monti, Roberto Wirth, takes the field decisively against parades or sit-ins in the city center and now, faced with the decision to move the event to FAO, he hopes it is not just for today, but the beginning of a structural change.

«Last Saturday – he says – with the center in chaos, some of our customers returned and closed themselves in the hotel. And it was even difficult for them to return here with Porta Pinciana blocked and the cars that could not drive along via Sistina and Trinità dei Monti. These historic spaces – adds Wirth – must be more respected, they must remain far from demonstrations and parades. Otherwise we risk the still fragile recovery of our tourism “. A request made several times by residents and traders: but “they must learn to listen to us – he says -, especially us who live and work here”. Always an attentive observer of the center of Rome, Wirth has been taking care of its protection for some time: first as president of Piazza di Spagna and Trinità dei Monti, now as president of via Sistina, via Gregoriana and via Crispi. Thus, in addition to the demonstrations and parades, his concerns continue to be the decorum and protection of the area.

«In the square of Trinità dei Monti – he explains – there are often vans for loading and unloading goods in a double row: the space intended for them is always occupied by scooters and cars. I called the brigade several times, but since there are no timetables written on the sign, they cannot make fines. It is absurd ». Just as it is absurd for Wirth what happens on the steps, where the first part towards Piazza di Spagna is super-watched and no one sits there, while in the upper part, further away from the traffic police, there is often a camp: ” I go down – he says and I go to report to the municipal police how many people are sitting quietly. The rules must apply to the entire staircase ». And for the next Capitoline junta, he has already prepared a project: the reconstruction of via Sistina with the wider sidewalks, as they were built in via dei Due Macelli, and the possibility of a parking lot in via Zucchelli where the storage of the Loves. “In via Sistina there are 30 closed shops. Instead it is an important historical road. It must be beautiful again ».

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center Rome protected countrys calling card Corriereit

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