scaffolding price over 400%, Poland (NPC), ‘problem created by the state’

scaffolding price over 400%, Poland (NPC), ‘problem created by the state’
scaffolding price over 400%, Poland (NPC), ‘problem created by the state’

The increase in the price of scaffolding to build or renovate buildings has exceeded 400%. To report him to the Adnkronos is Claudio Polonia, president of the National Scaffolders Association who has no difficulty in indicating the main responsible: ” The Italian State. The measures linked to building incentives – he explains – had to be planned. They were concentrated in too short a time. ” What we forget, he underlines, ” is that there are not only extraordinary interventions, but also ordinary ones, which take a back seat. And today there are companies that do not even respond to these citizens, attracted as they are by the easy earnings linked to the superbonus ”. The result is that ” whereas a year ago I was assembling scaffolding at 7.5 euros per meter, today I am assembling them at 22 ”. But around it is easy to find companies that ask 30 euros and more in an escalation that seems endless. And with the lack of steel ”, companies throw themselves into buying used scaffolding. Before, they were bought at 8 euros per meter, today we are at 40 euros per meter ”.

Poland believes that ” initiatives of this type – says Adnkronos – should have been spread over a longer period. It is obvious that the concentration of interventions raises prices. But in addition to prices – complaint – there is a security risk that cannot be ignored. Companies erect and dismantle scaffolding as quickly as possible with the result that workers are tired. It will not be a coincidence that in recent times there have been dead employees in the companies that assemble scaffolding. And whose fault is it? I tell the associates to do things at the right times, but you can see people still working at 8 pm, on Sundays ”. He asks the government: ” but when do the workers have to rest? It is truly inhumane. We are the first and last link in this supply chain, but all the other links in the chain suffer from the stress we undergo, from the overcoat driver to the plumber, and they have really taken companies from sleep, not to mention the penalties’ ‘.

For Poland, the risk of the bubble bursting is real: ” a delay in payments by the companies that have transferred the credit to the banks is enough. It may be that there is no material for everyone. ” And if ” this whole machine stops in a year, there will be a collapse, there will be no time to amortize the investments and pandemonium will be created ”.


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