Green pass at work: parades from Milan to Rome, a few blocks. In Trieste more than 5 thousand at the port, tensions in Genoa | The direct

Green pass at work: parades from Milan to Rome, a few blocks. In Trieste more than 5 thousand at the port, tensions in Genoa | The direct
Green pass at work: parades from Milan to Rome, a few blocks. In Trieste more than 5 thousand at the port, tensions in Genoa | The direct

15 There 2021


Rome, police in the Bocca della Verità area

The area of. Is guarded by some armored police and carabinieri Horse’s Mouth in Rome where she has been the demonstration of no green passes is prohibited ‘Sentinels of the Constitution’, led by the lawyer Edoardo Polacco. The protest, according to the organizers’ intentions, was to take place in Piazza Santi Apostoli but the place was not considered suitable by the public security authorities who, in a coordination meeting, excluded the square, which is located a few meters from Palazzo Valentini , as a possible site of protest. The ‘sentinels of the constitution’ thus announced the sit in in Piazza Bocca della Verità but even this second place was not considered suitable due to its proximity to the electoral offices, so the police headquarters of the capital prescribed that the sit in should take place at the Circus Maximum. Meanwhile, the first demonstrators are arriving at the Circus Maximus.

15 There 2021


Sickness certificates: + 23% in seven days

At 12 o’clock the data Inps on sickness certificates, in the public and private sectors were 47.393 and recorded a slight increase compared to two weeks ago (+ 5.5%) and an increase of 23.3% compared to last Friday. It emerges from the data released by the Minister of Public Administration Renato Brunetta on the first day of the Green pass obligation for all workers. The certificates arrived on 8 October were 38,432 and 44,903 those of 1 October.

15 There 2021


Genoa port, voltage at Ethiopia crossing

The garrison of the demonstrators in front of the port crossing of the Ethiopia bridge: the participants blocked via Lungomare Canepa

15 There 2021


Trieste, Puzzer: “Protest goes on to the bitter end”

“The protest goes on until they remove the Green pass“. He announced it today Stefano Puzzer, leader of the Port Workers Coordination of Trieste, in a press conference at Varco 4. Puzzer said that “a lot of people on buses arriving from outside are blocked. I don’t think it is for reasons of public order, it is a sign that the dictatorship has begun ”, he added. “We are here because with today more than the 40% of workers they couldn’t get in to work. That is about 400 who worked for two years – I am vaccinated – without sanitation, ”he explained. “We have always worked and the traffic volume has increased by 45%. The answer was: if you don’t have a green pass, don’t enter. The Green pass is not a health measure but an economic one, a blackmail that has been done to people to get them to get vaccinated ”. Puzzer finally, he referred to the Constitution on the right to work and freedom of choice.

15 There 2021


Genoa, tensions: Digos identifies some people

Tension on the Lungomare Canepa when the police tried to clear the road occupied for hours by the No green pass movement. Staff of the Digos identified some people and complaints for road occupation are not excluded. The blockade continues, the No green pass activists have invited motorists to get off the vehicles and join the protest.

15 There 2021


Catania, parade through the city: “Freedom liberty”

They marched through Catania to the cry of ‘freedom, freedom’ and chanting slogans against the premier Mario Draghi and his government. It was the protest of the no vax of the Arco alliance and of the Fisi (Italian trade union federation on the day of entry) of the obligatory Green pass in which a few hundred people participated. The procession, authorized, took place without problems of public order: it started from Piazza Roma, went through the Etna and Umberto streets and ended in Piazza Iolanda.

15 There 2021


Naples, Piazza Plebiscito

The demonstration of the Usb – basic union union – of the local public transport sector in Piazza Plebiscito in front of the Prefecture

15 There 2021


Genoa, Messina gate blocked

A group of No Green pass has reached the Terminal Messina of the port of Genoa by blocking access. Their block of via Gramsci-Lungomare Canepa remains in front of the ‘Ethiopia’ port gate, already blocked by port workers, like the international gate of San Benigno and the ferry terminal.

15 There 2021


Parade in Trento: traffic paralyzed

With the arrival of university students, health personnel and no vax bus drivers, the number of participants in the Trentoi event grows. Two thousand presences, say the organizers of the march that is blocking the streets of the center. Traffic paralyzed in front of the station.


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