Ok to the tax decree: 100 million for auto eco-bonus and security tightening. Tension on Citizenship Income

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Green light of the government to the tax decree – work. The meeting of the Council of Ministers at Palazzo Chigi began after almost two hours and a quarter of delay. A postponement due, according to what government sources have explained, to a comparison with the Regions on measures relating to safety in the workplace, or rather the rules to stem injuries and white deaths. In particular, the role of the National Labor Inspectorate (INL) with respect to the Local Health Authorities would have been discussed.

A provision (“Urgent measures in economic and fiscal matters, to protect the job and for non-postponable needs”) that landed on the table of the Council of Ministers which has in its belly the new rules on job security and taxation. A solution that makes it possible to facilitate the parliamentary work of examining and converting the provision, also considering the funnel that risks taking shape in the Chamber and the Senate with the budget session and the reforms within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. On Monday, October 18, however, the programmatic budget document, which constitutes the backbone of the maneuver, is expected on the Government table.

Ecobonus automotive: fund refinanced with 100 million

As part of the provision, the eco-bonus fund for the purchase was refinanced for 2021 with 100 million euros (a figure lower than that indicated in the previous drafts of the decree, with estimates that in that case ranged from 200 to 300 million). of low-emission vehicles. In particular, the new resources are allocated by allocating 65 million euros to incentivize the purchase of M1 vehicles included in the 0-60 g / km CO2 emission band, 20 million for the purchase of special N1 or M1 category commercial vehicles, of which euro 15 million reserved for exclusively electric vehicles. For M1 vehicles included in the 61-135 g / km CO2 band, instead, 10 million euros are allocated. Finally, 5 million euros are earmarked for the purchase of used M1 category vehicles with emissions between 0-160 g / km CO2.

Provvedimento omnibus

The result is that the decree that registered the green light of the executive therefore has the substance of an “omnibus” (see also Il Sole 24 Ore of 15 October). In fact, the provision has in its belly the new measures on job safety, starting with a strengthening of the National Labor Inspectorate and a strengthening of sanctions, to move on to the extension of another 13 weeks of the Cig Covid (until 31 December), to quarantine equivalent to illness for the purposes of the economic treatment provided for by the reference legislation for the whole of 2021. In the draft of the provision landed on the table of the CDM there is also the refinancing of the fund to cover the Cig Alitalia and that of the Citizenship Income.

Rdc: arm wrestling in Cdm, request for modification but M5S-Pd wall with Draghi support

And it is precisely on this last point that the debate on the CDM has ignited. Ministers Giancarlo Giorgetti (Lega), Renato Brunetta (Fi) and Elena Bonetti (Iv), would have asked to deeply modify the text, the workhorse of the M5S. The grillino minister Stefano Patuanelli would have defended the measure with the sword, finding the support of the minister dem Andrea Orlando but also of the premier Mario Draghi. In the end, sources present at the CDM reported, the system of citizenship income was not changed.

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