Rome, vandals to Michetti’s electoral committee: “Remember piazzale Loreto” –

Rome, vandals to Michetti’s electoral committee: “Remember piazzale Loreto” –
Rome, vandals to Michetti’s electoral committee: “Remember piazzale Loreto” –

“Fascist, remember piazzale Loreto” and by signature one five-pointed star. This is one of the writings, together with «fascista», which appeared in the night at the entrance to the election committee of the center-right candidate for mayor, Enrico Michetti, in via Antonio Malfante in Rome. On the spot, the forensic police for the reliefs.

Michetti, commented on the vandalism on Friday morning, during the confrontation with the dem Roberto Gualtieri, to TgR: «My committee has been desecrated. They wrote fascist next to “Michetti mayor”. I am not a fascist, I had only one card: that of the DC. I entered the oratory with Catholic Action and have always been guided by Degasperian ideals. I am baffled that it gets to such low levels to “kill a person”. Live too Gualtieri condemned the gesture: «It is a deplorable act, we must always respect people, I did it. There is fair competition with the challenger. I criticized that Michetti’s coalition has expanded far to the right, also hosting CasaPound candidates, but Michetti has all my solidarity ».

The president of Fratelli d’Italia also intervened on vandalism – with harsh tones – Giorgia Meloni: «Heavy death threats to Michetti signed with the red star of the Red Brigades and vandalized electoral committee. It’s just the last act of one shameful and unworthy hate campaign against the center-right and the Brothers of Italy, powered by the left and by those who repeat that our party is a den of dangerous subversive extremists outside the constitutional and democratic arc. I expect unanimous condemnation from all political forces and that all party secretaries, starting with Enrico Letta, go in person to the committee to testify their solidarity. The intimidation doesn’t stop us. Enrico do not give up”. Immediate response from the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta: «Solidarity with Michetti. Hate and insults cannot be part of the democratic dialectic in any way ».

But the chorus of condemnations against the night raid, by the outgoing mayor Virginia Raggi, the governor Nicola Zingaretti and the dem Emanuele Fiano, a Francesco Lollobrigida (FdI), Barbara Saltamartini (League) e Ettore Rosato (Iv), for all, it was “a cowardly intimidation”. Against the “climate of hatred” that “indiscriminately harms the whole community, as well as the individual”, the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, to which is added the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte. Then Matteo Salvini, who angrily underlines how “the climate of hatred and delegitimization against center-right women and men is unfortunately bearing its own poisoned fruits”, while Antonio Tajani (FI) defines the protagonists of vandalism as “far-left criminals”.

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