from Garbatella al Flaminio all accommodations for sale

Twenty-one apartments at auction, of various sizes, with the aim of obtaining at least 5.1 million euros. The Ater of Rome continues the sale of its real estate assets especially to Garbatella and more patchy in the rest of the city, such as Flaminio, San Giovanni, Appio Latino and Testaccio. The lot to try to win an apartment, this time, is scheduled for 9 and 10 November.

Testaccio and Trastevere

All 21 apartments offered for sale are in the first round of the auction and are considered vacant. This is the case, for example, for the iimobile in via Giovanni Battista Bodoni 96, in Testaccio, where an apartment on the second floor of sixty-five square meters without a lift is for sale, at the base price of just over 264 thousand euros. Not far from the Botanical Garden of Trastevere, and in particular in via degli Orti d’Alibert 27, it is instead possible to try to buy a mini-apartment of 41 square meters: 2 and a half rooms, on the ground floor, are sold at the initial price of 217 thousand and three hundred EUR.

Olimpia woman

Ater lodgings are also for sale in the historic Donna Olimpia social housing. In the “first lot”, 92 square meters are on sale for just under 221 thousand euros while 173 thousand are enough to participate in the auction of the apartment of the “third lot”, of seventy-two square meters. Of the two apartments in via di Donna Olimpia, the first has five rooms and is on the sixth floor, the other on the second. Both have an elevator.

Flaminio and Balduina

In via Enrico Chiarandia 2, a ninety square meter apartment on the fourth floor with a balcony is sold at the price of 333 thousand euros. Also at the Flaminio Ater is also auctioning a slightly smaller property of 81 square meters in Piazza Melozzo da Forlì 1: in this case it is located on the fifth floor, has balconies, and you can try to get it for 299 thousand and 700 euros. In via della Valle Aurelia 93, a few steps from via Baldo degli Ubaldi, there is instead an accommodation in the basement of 105 square meters which will be sold for around 236 thousand euros.

Other areas

In Monte Sacro, an apartment in viale Gottardo 87, on the ground floor, of 92 square meters is sold at an auction basis for approximately 226 thousand euros. At Montagnola, in via Pico della Mirandola 129, 180 thousand euros are needed to try and get a 66 square meter apartment, on the seventh floor with lift, balcony and 7 square meter cellar. In Piazza dei Navigatori, however, a 76 square meter apartment will be sold for around 205 thousand euros. In via Appia Nuova 359, 5 rooms without lift, for a total of 105 square meters, you can try to get for 315 thousand euros, while sending Latino, San Giovanni area, a ground floor apartment of 82 square meters is auctioned at 198 thousand euros approximately


Most of the accommodations put up for auction are located in Garbatella. In via Cravero 20, near the Palladium, a basement of 76 square meters is on sale for almost 160 thousand euros, in via della Garbatella 15 instead, a ground floor of 38 square meters can be tried to buy for 144 thousand euros. In via Roberto De ‘Nobili, also in the district that recently celebrated its centenary, seventy square meters on the fourth floor are on sale at 196 thousand euros and in via Fincati, to try to buy 79 square meters, the price is 242 thousand euros.

How the auction works

The auction procedure will take place between 9 and 10 November. To participate, a small payment must be made, the amount of which cannot however be less than 10% of the auction base at which the property is sold. The auction will be held in sessions lasting 3 minutes within which each bidder will be able to book and submit a clear offer up on the basic price of one thousand euros for properties for sale at less than 400 thousand euros.

Visit the properties

It is possible, on the Ater di Roma website, to make reservations. Considering the need to adopt the containment measures of Covid 19, a maximum of two people will be accepted at a time, the booked one plus the companion. Interested parties may submit bids by and no later than 17:00 on November 8, 2021.

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