Weather, Wednesday 21 April new Atlantic disturbance over Italy

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Even in the central part of the week, high pressures are not expected that can stabilize the weather on our country that will be determined by a first unstable impulse already arriving on Wednesday 21, followed by the effects of a front of fresh air directed to the Balkans which between Thursday and Friday it will also be able to touch Italy.

In detail Wednesday April 21 we will have the effects of the new Atlantic perturbation. The sky will generally be cloudy with some bright spells in the middle and lower Adriatic, in Calabria and Sicily. In the morning, some rain will be possible between the Ligurian Levant and Tuscany, in the extreme North-West and along the pre-Alpine belt with snowfall limits above approximately 1600 m. In the afternoon some rain also in the north of Sardinia and in Emilia while an unstable phase with possible showers or thunderstorms is expected between the high Veneto and Friuli regions. In the evening still some rain in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Tuscany in extension towards Lazio.
Temperature lows mostly rising; peaks slightly down in the North-West and in Tuscany, up in the South and in the Islands.
Twenty intensifying south with Scirocco even moderate on the Tyrrhenian Sea and in the canals of the Islands. Mari: up to very rough the Channel of Sicily, moved those of Sardinia, Otranto and the Tyrrhenian, mainly the remaining basins little moved.

Thursday still local instability in the extreme north-east with some precipitation that should move towards the center-south, more likely in the inland areas of the center, in the evening also between Sardinia and the southern peninsula. Friday another disturbed phase that could affect a large part of the Center-South; during the weekend an increase in pressure seems possible with more stable and drier conditions, also associated with a rise in temperature.


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