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The rise in the cost of electricity and gas requires a reduction in the water bill. How to reduce excessive consumption and obtain significant savings

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L’water it is certainly one of the most precious assets we have on earth. Mistakenly we tend to think it is an inexhaustible resource, but in reality this is not the case at all.

We should learn to sip it and not waste it, especially when we perform our daily activities such as house cleaning, watering plants e when we dedicate ourselves to personal hygiene.

Especially in this last juncture we indulge in a consumption greater than the real requirement, which speaks volumes about the complexity of the problem. In addition to the environmental aspect, it is fundamental also consider the economic one. An important waste of water translates into higher costs.

Water bill: the saving technique that nobody knows

The statistics on the subject are not comforting for theItaly, which is one of the most wasteful countries in this sense. Since in 1963 therunning water peeped into the houses of the Beautiful country, there has been a real escalation that has led to outline the current dramatic picture.

With a series of small tricks, however, it is possible to achieve the double objective of reducing the costs of the water bill (up to 90%) and at the same time containing the use of the resource.

First of all it is good to reduce the flow of the taps in the house and never leave them open when not needed. Regarding thepersonal hygiene, it is preferable to use the shower rather than take a bath. Filling the tub can be downright expensive.

You can also save up to 6000 liters of water per year if you decide to wash your vegetables and dishes in a basin. Many today rely on the dishwasher for this latter task. Good, but as long as you start it up to maximum capacity.

As for the appliances (let’s see which ones consume the most), in step with the times must always be purchased those of class A +, which are specially programmed to use less water. Although they have a higher initial cost, they allow you to amortize the expense over time thanks to delle bills definitely more tender.

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If you are in the habit of traveling, you must never forget about it close the main water tap when you leave the house. This is the best way to avoid having to deal with sudden pipe ruptures and leaks that you are unaware of.

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