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In Lazio it is not easy to find a free reservation for a vaccination center that it administers Pfizer. For May all the dates have already been taken, but new doses should arrive soon. Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign continues. IS between Thursday and Friday next week, reservations for under 60s will start. For the over 80s, on the other hand, the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato aims to complete the injections by the end of April. Then the statistics improve. Currently 7.5% of the population in Lazio has been vaccinated with two doses and in total there have been 1,488,419 vaccinations. More women than men: 852,601 against 635,818. The group of people who have been vaccinated the most is that between 80 and 89 years: 463,373. And the ASL Roma 2 is the one that has vaccinated the most: 224,427 vaccinations.

Lazio vaccination certificate, half a million passes downloadable online. D’Amato: “Ready for the green card”

How to book the Pfizer vaccine

The Salute Lazio booking site allows you to choose not the vaccine, but the place where it will be injected. If a person cancels the appointment or renounces, the possibility of booking opens up again for the others, who will thus be able to select the vaccination center they prefer. The wait could last a long time, because at the moment the doses of Pfizer have already been assigned and the Region is waiting for others before being able to administer them. But among the people who are booking there are also those who have managed to have a vaccination appointment at a center that administers Pfizer after giving up a previous booking for a site where they inject Astrazeneca.

What to do if the booking site doesn’t work

If the Salute Lazio website is clogged or gives an error (at the time of writing it is undergoing maintenance), then you can book more easily through the app, of which a new update has been released just in these moments. For those who do not know how to use the internet, you can follow the guide that we have reported in recent days: link.

Here reached 8 thousand: “But the doctors do not get the doses”

How to book the vaccine

The reservation can be made by the person who then receives the vaccine. If, however, he does not know how to use the internet, then he can also book someone else in his place. The procedures are the same for everyone. It is necessary to access the portal of Salute Lazio with the health card at hand, because it is necessary to enter the tax code and the last 13 digits of the numerical code (EHIC), the one found on the last line. Once in, you cannot choose which vaccine will be injected, but the point of administration. Two ways are possible: consulting the list or the georeferenced map, but also requesting to receive it in the first available place (so-called first availability).

Vaccine, over 70 safe in a month, but herd immunity is postponed

Book the vaccine with the Lazio Health app

There is also another way to book the vaccine: and it is through the Health Lazio app. Once the application has been downloaded, authorization for data processing will be requested. At that point you can click on «continue». Here you can read all the information on the anti Covid vaccination campaign, consult the number of reservations and vaccinations in real time, as well as book a tampon in a DriveIn. And then the most clicked function at the moment: vaccine reservation. It will be necessary to have the health card at hand, to enter the data the last 13 digits of the numerical code (EHIC), the one on the last line, and the tax code, of which the number must be entered.

Vaccines, Antitrust:

Calendar of covid vaccinations in Lazio

In Lazio, vaccinations are being carried out by age couples, but this criterion will also change now that all over 60s have been given the opportunity to book. Reservations always start from midnight, but it is also possible to try to make an appointment. 20 minutes before the indicated time. Below is the updated calendar:

60-61 years (years of birth 1960 and 1961): from 00:00 on 13 April
62-63 years (years of birth 1958 and 1959): from 00:00 on 10 April
64-65 years (years of birth 1956 and 1957): from 00:00 on 7 April
66-67 years (years of birth 1954 and 1955): from 00:00 on 1 April
68-69 years (years of birth 1952 and 1953): from 00:00 on 27 March
71-70 years (years of birth 1950 and 1951): from 00:00 on March 20
73-72 years (years of birth 1948 and 1949): from 00:00 on March 15th
75 – 74 years (years of birth 1946 and 1947): from 00:00 on 12 March
77-76 years (years of birth 1944 and 1945): from 00:00 on 10 March

Covid vaccination centers in Rome and Lazio

There are 120 vaccination points throughout the Lazio region, even if they are increasing day by day. Of these, 35 administer Astrazeneca while the remainder are from Pfizer and some Moderna. The Auditorium della Tecnica, Valmontone, Cinecittà and Tor Vergata will soon become vaccination hubs. But the opening of the Valmontone and Tor Vergata hubs has currently been suspended (they should have started on April 19) after the vaccine they were supposed to inject, Johnson & Johnson, was temporarily stopped.

Vaccination centers Rome

Roma ASL vaccination centers 1

Santa Maria della Pietà: Pfizer
Prati-Triumphal Health House: Pfizer
San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital, in via Cassia 600: Pfizer vaccine
Columbus Presidium of Rome, Via Giuseppe Moscati, 31: Pfizer vaccine
San Carlo Nancy Hospital, via Aurelia 275: Pfizer vaccine
Cristo Re Hospital – Via delle Calasanziane 25: Pfizer vaccine
IRCCS – IDI – Via Monti di Creta 116: Pfizer vaccine
San Giovanni Calibita Hospital – Via di Ponte Quattro Capi 39 (Isola Tiberina): Pfizer vaccine
Villa Tiberia Nursing Home – Via Emilio Praga 37: Pfizer vaccine
Villa Aurora Nursing Home – Via Mattia Battistini 44: Pfizer vaccine
San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital – Via Cassia 600: Pfizer vaccine
Sant’Andrea Hospital: Pfizer vaccine
Eastman Dental Hospital Rome: Pfizer

Galli: «AstraZeneca less dangerous than a Tac. Second dose with different vaccine? Absurd DIY ”

Roma ASL vaccination centers 2

Sandro Pertini Hospital: Pfizer
Sant’Eugenio Hospital: Pfizer
CTO / Andrea Alesini Hospital: Pfizer
Headquarters of the State Police in via Magnasco, 60 Tor Sapienza area: Pfizer
Tor Vergata Polyclinic, viale Oxford n.81: Pfizer
Casilino Polyclinic (only extremely fragile): Pfizer
Santa Caterina della Rosa Health House in via Niccolò Forteguerri, 4: Pfizer

Reopenings, Buonanno: “Safe outdoors at a distance of 1.5 meters, essential air ventilation indoors”

Roma ASL vaccination centers 3

Majorana vaccination point: Pfizer
Casal Bernocchi-Cilone vaccinal point: Pfizer
Vaccinal point Ostia, viale delle Repubbliche Marinare, Lido di Ostia: Pfizer
Cardano health center: Pfizer
San Camillo Collection Center: Pfizer
Forlanini: Pfizer

Roma ASL vaccination centers 4

Civitavecchia Hospital: Pfizer
Padre Pio Hospital of Bracciano: Pfizer
Fiano Romano elderly center: Pfizer
Campagnano outpatient clinic: Pfizer

Vaccine, over 70 safe in a month, but herd immunity is postponed

Roma ASL vaccination centers 5

Tivoli – Palazzo Cianti: Pfizer
Subiaco – hospital: Pfizer
Palombara Sabina Health House: Pfizer
Mentana – via Reatina snc: Pfizer
Palestrina – Palaverde: Pfizer
Colleferro Scalo – Auditorium Fabbrica della Musica: Pfizer

Roma ASL vaccination centers 6

Hub (castle hospital): Pfizer (from 8.30 to 20.00)
Frascati Hospital: Pfizer (from 8.00 to 19.00)
Anzio Hospital – Nettuno: Pfizer (from 8.30 to 19.00)
Paolo Colombo Hospital in Velletri: Pfizer (from 8.30 to 19.00)
INI-Grottaferrata Nursing Home: Pfizer

Vaccination centers in Latina, Frosinone, Rieti and Viterbo

Asl Latina vaccination centers

Aprilia, Via Giustiniano at the Casa della Salute: Pfizer vaccine
Latina, at Santa Maria Goretti Hospital: Pfizer vaccine
Priverno, Via Madonna delle Grazie at the Casa della Salute: Pfizer vaccine
Fondi, at San Giovanni di Dio Hospital: Pfizer vaccine
Formia, at the Dono Svizzero Hospital: Pfizer vaccine

Asl Frosinone vaccination centers

Frosinone. PO Fabrizio Spaziani, via Armando Fabi snc: Pfizer vaccine
Alatri. PO San Benedetto, Chiappitto: Pfizer vaccine
Sora. PO SS. Trinità, San Marciano locality: Pfizer vaccine
Cassino. PO Santa Scolastica. Via San Pasquale, snc: Pfizer vaccine
Veroli, INI White City: Pfizer
Ceprano. Casa della Salute Ceprano, via Regina Margherita 5: Pfizer

Asl Rieti vaccination centers

Centro ex Bosi in Rieti: Pfizer vaccine (every day from 8 to 20)
Casa della Salute in Magliano Sabina (RI): Pfizer vaccine (every Monday, all day)
Mirtense Salary District in Poggio Mirteto: Pfizer vaccine (every Monday, all day)

Viterbo Asl Vaccination Centers

In the centers of the ASL of Viterbo, vaccinations are made every day from 8.00 to 20.00.

Belcolle Hospital (Viterbo): Pfizer vaccine
Tarquinia hospital: Pfizer vaccine
Acquapendente hospital: Pfizer vaccine
Civita Castellana Hospital: Pfizer vaccine
Sant’Anna di Ronciglione structure: Pfizer vaccine
House of Health in Soriano nel Cimino: Pfizer vaccine
Bagnoregio Health House: Pfizer vaccine
Polyclinic of Bolsena: Pfizer vaccine

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