Against the Green Pass, a general strike throughout Italy

The trade union association Fisi (Italian Federation of Intercategorical Trade Unions) has proclaimed a general strike for all public and private sectors from Friday 15 October to 20. So the workers against the Green Pass do not back down an inch and Friday’s one promises to be a day of protest in different areas of Italy, with the tension skyrocketing. Especially in Trieste where, after the stance of the dockers, today the Prefect has declared illegal tomorrow’s demonstration, when the president of the Trieste port authority Zeno D’Agostino will resign, except for last minute agreements, if traffic should suffer paralysis. Sparks also within the world of workers because the unions of Ugl, Cgil, Cisl and Uil have dissociated themselves from the protest and invited their members to go to the workplace, even if the risk is to find the wall of the irreducible no Pass.

The epicenter will be Trieste, where the anti-Green Pass strike has been announced for days in the form of blackmail because for them, the only mediation is the abolition of the Green Pass. They pull straight even in front of the last halt, that of the Prefect of the Friulian city Valerio Valenti, who, through a note, stated that, “with reference to the general strikes in question – With respect to which the Commission has expressed an assessment of illegitimacy , it is considered appropriate to point out that the announced implementation methods, due to their uniqueness, give rise to particular concern for the possible occurrence, in the light of the delicate social context, of serious illicit behavior. The strike is not authorized, whoever participates commits a crime ». At a certain point, the dockers tried to ask for the postponement of the introduction of the Green Pass for a month, but nothing to do.

“Are the Trieste dockers asking to postpone the start of the mandatory Green Pass? I think that postponing only means slowing down a battle to be won as soon as possible to put an end to a dramatic season that has paid for and will pay especially for the most fragile” said the Labor Minister Andrea Orlando, immediately making it clear how the government does not want to come to terms.

The other hot front is the port of Genoa. There are two main fronts of tension that are expected tomorrow morning in Genoa, where 20% of workers are not vaccinated, despite many terminal operators have made themselves available to pay for tampons and the Port Authority has offered some areas. They are port and prefecture. The appointment for tomorrow morning is at 8.30 under the headquarters of the Prefecture, together with the Cub. “Tomorrow the general strike against the green pass begins – they write on social media – all workers will be able to strike from tomorrow having union coverage. It is not necessary to be registered with a union. We ask everyone to abstain from work, participate in the strike, close their own shop and so on. Take time off from work, come and demonstrate and pay close attention to provocateurs and infiltrators “. It is not excluded that other outbreaks of protest emerge in the course of the morning, starting with public works: the UGL, for example, convened a garrison under the Amt headquarters in via Bobbio at 10.30.

Problems are also announced in Venice where, due to the general strike of all public and private sectors proclaimed to the bitter end by the trade union association Fisi, the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice announces that from midnight tomorrow, October 15, until midnight of 20 October only essential services will be guaranteed, and therefore final examinations of the education cycles.

Therefore, excluding Venice and Genoa, no other problems are expected in the ports because in Livorno, Gioia Tauro and Palermo the respective port authorities have communicated that they do not foresee any inconvenience. The high percentage of workers vaccinated also in Venice, Naples and Civitavecchia seems to avoid problems.

In Piacenza, however, the Cobas are ready to take to the streets. “Threatening complaints, street papers and other measures turns out to be just an act of prostration to Amazon, in contempt of the workers’ sacrosanct claims”. This was stated by the Si cobas union of Piacenza with reference to some notices from the Police Headquarters issued after the strike on Monday, when a thousand member workers blocked the warehouse of the multinational in Castel San Giovanni. For Si Cobas, the purpose of the Police Headquarters is “the protection of the Amazon regime by intimidating workers who raise their heads against intolerable working conditions”. In fact, “we completely ignore the claims platform sent, which condemns Amazon for the non-application of the employment contract suitable for warehouse activities and the problem of chronic precariousness that has existed since it has been in business”. But the union, Si Cobas underlines, “cannot be intimidated by these threats, and for this very reason it reiterated today the request to meet with Amazon to put an end to the precarious condition of 1,500 workers, relegated to the most total precariousness with complicit silence. of institutions and government “. Furthermore, “a national assembly will be called to address the issue of this reckless use of repression against workers”.

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