“Pastore failed at Roma, he never took up the cause”. AUDIO!

The sports director Giuseppe Bifulco a Maracana, in the afternoon of TMW Radio, spoke of the news of the day.

Genoa, Ballardini in discussion. Do you really risk it?
“It is the usual carousel, in Italy there is no time, the projects do not exist. Unfortunately, the people who speak to the ears of the presidents determine certain things”.

Milan, many injuries. Can confidence in this team fail?
“Milan are doing very well, in the Champions League they have not collected what they deserved. The absences have had their negative weight.”

Juventus-Roma and Lazio-Inter, who can come up with the winning card this weekend?
“We are in a crucial phase of the championship, which is very beautiful and where there are also positive surprises, as well as negative, you see Juventus. It is a crucial moment, if Juventus lose to Roma, they lose ground. Lazio can redeem themselves against Roma. ‘Inter has a really good coach. Inzaghi is doing well but I expect Lazio to get back on track, changing things up front. “

Why did Pastore fail at Rome?
“Unfortunately, the expectations were different, he arrived unmotivated, with complications also due to injuries. He never espoused the cause. He never felt part of the team, he probably wasn’t helped, but as a champion he could come out on his own but not it happened”.


Pastore failed Roma AUDIO

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