on trial for two sexual assaults and sale of drugs – Corriere.it

on trial for two sexual assaults and sale of drugs – Corriere.it
on trial for two sexual assaults and sale of drugs – Corriere.it

The last interrogation of 8 October asked by Alberto Genovese did not prevent the entrepreneur, who for just under a year has been in prison accused of sexual violence perpetrated in his homes during alcohol and drug parties, that the Prosecutor asked for his indictment on charges, as well as aggravated sexual violence, including the sale of drugs.


  • Alberto Genovese, the defense before the prosecutors: “I was a slave to drugs”

  • Alberto Genovese leaves prison, he will go to house arrest in a clinic

  • Genoese in the recovery community, the lawyer: “He is fine, he is committed to quitting drugs”

  • Genovese, the investigation into sexual violence closed: the entrepreneur goes to the trial

  • Alberto Genovese, upheld the appeal of the Prosecutor on the seizure of 4.3 million euros

  • Alberto Genovese, so he planned «parties and rapes. It was an organized structure ”

  • Alberto Genovese, the interrogation: “I didn’t pay for her and she reported me”

  • Alberto Genovese and “the month of collapse” in Ibiza: his version on the violence at Villa Lolita

  • Accused of violence, Genovese remains in San Vittore: “Health conditions are not critical”

  • Genovese, the rape victim speaks: “He made me take drugs, I thought I was dying”

With him she is accused his girlfriend Sarah Borruso, accused of having participated in one of the two assumptions of violence that are supported by prosecutors Rosaria Stagnaro and Paolo Filippini coordinated by the adjunct Maria Letizia Mannella. The first, in chronological order, is the one that saw the victim in July 2020 a 23-year-old Italian model drugged and raped in the “Lolita” villa in Genovese in Ibiza. Borruso also allegedly took part in this brutal violence. The second dramatic episode concerns another model, in this case 18 years old, who on 11 October 2020 escaped half-naked from «Terrazza sentimento», the splendid penthouse of the entrepreneur with a view of the Dumo in Milan and stopped a police patrol. A month later, the investigations of the Mobile Squad of the Milan Police Headquarters led by Marco Calì led to the arrest of Alberto Genovese.

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