From the tax authorities, towards the refinancing of the eco-bonus for electric cars and citizenship income

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We are moving towards the refinancing of the eco-bonus for contributions to the purchase of electric cars. The proposal, put forward by the owner of the Mise Giancarlo Giorgetti, was given the go-ahead by the control room between the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the heads of delegation of the parties that support the Government. The provision should therefore enter the tax decree that will be examined tomorrow by the council of ministers convened at 11.

Possible 300 million for eco-bonus on green cars

The allocation envisaged by the tax decree to refinance the auto eco-bonus in favor of non-polluting cars would amount to 300 million. The extension of the incentives, on which a work to verify the coverage is still underway and therefore not yet 100% certain, would be made necessary by the exhaustion of the resources allocated so far. In fact, according to the monitoring of the Mise, the allocations remain only for used cars, for those with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 mg and for motorcycles.

Five months for folders, scrapping and balance / excerpt at the end of November

Also in the tax decree, new measures will enter the folders: those who receive a notification from the Revenue Agency, after a year and a half of stop due to Covid, will have more time to pay, 150 days instead of 60. Even those who have lapsed in the Covid period may be re-admitted to installment and from 31 October 2021 it will be able to resume paying in 18 installments instead of 10 installments. Remission in terms also for those who had plans for scrapping or the balance and excerpt which will have until the end of November to pay the deadlines for this year.

Refinancing of the DRC until the end of 2021

The measure will also provide for a series of new expenses between now and the end of the year, starting with the refinancing of the quarantine allowance for approximately 800 million. Another 13 weeks of Cig Covid for small businesses is coming, in view of the expiry of the block on layoffs on October 31, to allow those who have consumed them all to reach the end of the year. The flight fund should also be replenished to cover the layoffs for Alitalia until October 2022. An extension is also on the way for 50% leave for parents who cannot work in smart working and have children under 14 in dad. And there should be leave, but unpaid, even for those with children between the ages of 14 and 16, along the lines of the rules introduced with the emergency and expired in June. A new injection of resources should also arrive for the Citizenship Income between now and 31 December, pending the evaluation of whether to intervene with adjustments to the benefit.

Strict work safety regulations

To prevent accidents at work, more severe and timely measures will come: the suspension of the activity will be triggered in the presence of irregular workers, with the threshold of undeclared work that falls from 20 to 10% of the total number of workers in the company, or of violations to the safety regulations with a series of “cases” that will allow the immediate stop (and no longer only in case of relapse). Controls will also be strengthened, with the acceleration of hiring at the National Labor Inspectorate but also for recruitment in the ASL. About 2 thousand more units will enter service by the end of 2021 and another thousand next year. Over 2000 additional hires are coming. Coordination is entrusted to the Inspectorate and the single database will also arrive which will make the Inl, Inail and Asl databases ‘talk’.


tax authorities refinancing ecobonus electric cars citizenship income

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