Green pass, the unresolved issues by the government on logistics and transport: “Zero controls at the Brenner Pass, risk of competition from the east”. And in the warehouses the unknown question about the number of no vax: “On how to replace them, incomplete standard”

Green pass, the unresolved issues by the government on logistics and transport: “Zero controls at the Brenner Pass, risk of competition from the east”. And in the warehouses the unknown question about the number of no vax: “On how to replace them, incomplete standard”
Green pass, the unresolved issues by the government on logistics and transport: “Zero controls at the Brenner Pass, risk of competition from the east”. And in the warehouses the unknown question about the number of no vax: “On how to replace them, incomplete standard”

For Conftrasporto “il 30% of the operators is not vaccinated “. According to Pierluigi Petrone, president of Assoram, we are facing a “possible perfect storm: exploding energy costs, lack of raw material and staff not replaceable“. Union sources speak of stores where “at least the 20% porters are not vaccinated ”. The introduction of the obligation to green pass for workers it crashes on logistics e transport, the driving belt of the global economy. In fact, there are many variables of which the Draghi government did not take into account.

The first, who check it out the truckers al Brennero? “Nobody”, says a Doriano Bendotti, number one a Bergamo of the Federation of Italian Road Haulers (Make-Conftrasporto) which counts at national level 20 thousand companies it’s almost 100 thousand shots. Problems? “The Italian drivers do not vax out of conviction, those of theis Europa that for reasons related to orthodox religion they are not vaccinated and foreign staff vaccinated with Sputnik or products not approved by the EMA “. For example, in late September Bulgaria e Romania respectively photographed the 22% and the 33% of the fully immunized adult population. Solutions? Maybe i tampons at the frontier, which however would also mean creating queues of hours. Then the tampons in the pharmacy in Austria to enter. Because “the alternative – says Bendotti – is that while we try hard to respect the rules, Italy arrives competition from abroad to defeat our companies, in addition with unsafe staff from an epidemiological point of view: does the EU exist or not? ”.

The last circular of Ministry of Transport in fact, it clarifies that in the case of drivers “coming from abroad that are not in possession of one of the green certifications “, for them” is allowed exclusively access to places dedicated to the operations of loading / unloading of the goods, provided that these operations are carried out from other staff“. So far alone transporters e truck, “Where contacts are limited anyway,” he explains Petrone. The president of whistle represents the supply chain that brings products to hospitals, pharmacies and intermediate distribution, that is, the one with fewer problems from this point of view: i vaccination rates they are tall. Indeed, a battle had to be fought at the beginning of the vaccination campaign for equate the personnel assigned to handling-transport with the health and having priority in the inoculation of doses like nurses.

Another chapter: green pass in stores or in hub. Spotty situation. In the last link of global supply chains “there is paradoxically less worry despite superior contacts e more frequent among the employees ”, says Bendotti. Because? “The strong presence of the cooperative tool in employment contracts it has allowed a sort of moral suasion sui porters with respect to vaccination “. Also Pierluigi Petrone suggests distinguishing “between internal picking and international handling”.

Then there are other rumors and other impressions, since of official numbers there are none. “I know several of the warehouses in the Po Valley that they have 500-600 employees and 100 of them do not have the green pass ”, explains a the lawyer Lorenzo Venini, Milan labor lawyer who follows CGIL e Cobas in lawsuits and disputes. The labor among the porters is 80-90% foreign. Or coming from America Latina or, often, from nord Africa e Maghreb. And the decision to hire Pfizer and Moderna also influenced the cultural factors e religious. It takes root among the Christians and Catholics of South America. Not among the Muslims. Unions are forced to crack inside them. The contradiction? All basically being in favor of the vaccine, but also required to stick up for their members and in some cases even non-members. From the CGIL until’Usb, often the position changes according to which “soul” controls the territorial section: from Padua to Naples, from Milan to Tuscany, there is no a single front of employee representatives on the green pass.

The approach of Maurizio Landini the issue has been known for weeks and on Thursday morning the government asked to cut the cost of tampons. What i say instead YES Cobas that a Piacenza they have 4mila registered in the “warehouse of Italy”? Par Carlo Pallavicini, one of the leaders of SI Cobas in Emilia, “the green pass is one hypocritical measure – he says, specifying that he speaks as “in favor of the vaccine and in a personal capacity” – it has the benefit of pushing vaccination but also the enormous lack of delegate control to employers and unloading on legitimately frightened workers i costs of personal protective equipment “. “Law 81/2008 is clear: the costs for dpi are borne by the company and unloading them on the workers is yet another gift to Confindustria from the Draghi government”. “This is why, like SI Cobas – he closes – we have moved by imposing on many big brands the logistics of take charge of the tampon costs. In Piacenza this has materialized on a mass level, preventing a dangerous horizontal conflict between vaccinated and unvaccinated workers, a conflict in which the right more unpresentable by exploiting the legitimate fears of workers “.

The industry fears October 15 and one British scenery with empty shelves and trucks disappeared from the streets, in that case due to the deserted petrol stations. Among the entrepreneurs there are those who suggest that, in the end, in Italy everything will be resolved in the usual way: by circumventing the norm. Others speak of concrete problems: “We do pharmaceuticals with temperature-controlled warehouses where a lot of energy is needed,” says Petrone. “Imagine what could happen with the current ones costs from the raw material if we also lose the workers “.

What can happen now? “In the private sector we sail on sight – says the lawyer Venini – One is about to enter into force huge thing which has not been explained as it should and also the law decree is incomplete, contrary to what happened in the public sector with the explanatory ministerial circulars “. On the possibility of replace workers, the law provides that for companies with more than 15 employees theunjustified absence however gives the right to storage of the relationship, without remuneration, and without disciplinary consequences. For those with less than 15 employees the same up to fifth day of unjustified absence; after the fifth day the employer can suspend and replace with a fixed term for 10 days, renewable for a further 10. “And after 20 days?” asks the labor lawyer. “What does a warehouse with 600 porters and 100 without a green pass do? I say this considering that the companies in Italy in logistics are not oversized at all, but they only have it strictly essential of staff to keep those rhythms is that productivity”.

“The trouble that politics is underestimating – explains Venini – is that October 15 will be chaos above all for companies: there is a material difficulty in replacing workers. Who moves the crane in the port it is not found on the street ”. “In absolute terms – closes the lawyer – the rule is not precise on the possibility of replacing unjustified absentees”. And for non-green workers there are also two ghosts, albeit not immediate. The first? That the absent are not replaced but surrogate, from increased workloads, shifts and extraordinary. It has already happened with the “crafty redundancies” (requested and paid by INPS but without decreasing the activity). Lastly, the possibility that companies are hiring for now higher charges with temporary or temporary support workers. But then, in 2022, when the emergency state is concluded, procedures for individual dismissal O collective for just cause and economic reasons having caused material damage, moreover in a conscious way and with a free arbitrary choice. Thus an indefinite no green pass would be replaced by a worker with a green pass in administration. This is the trend that the State quarterly on the labor market in the recovery of post-pandemic employment (+38% of contracts in administration year on year in September 2021).

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