Green pass, no extension and no free tampons. But the government is evaluating price discounts for companies

Green pass, no extension and no free tampons. But the government is evaluating price discounts for companies
Green pass, no extension and no free tampons. But the government is evaluating price discounts for companies

No to free tampons, but discounts for companies. There will not be a zeroing of costs for companies that want to pay tampons to employees, but the government is considering introducing further deductions for companies in these hours. This is what government sources specify to Ansa, on the eve of the entry into force of the Green pass for workers.

The Draghi-trade union meeting: the knot of tampons

This morning the trade unions, in their meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, returned to ask that companies pay their employees for tampons. The government excludes guaranteeing the free with zero costs for businesses, but is considering whether to strengthen aid to companies, which already have a tax credit of 30%.

No extension: the obligation starts tomorrow

No slippage, no postponements. The green pass obligation in the workplace will start tomorrow, as decided by the government. The sources of Palazzo Chigi confirm this to the Adnkronos, excluding that, as requested by the Trieste dockers, there is an extension to October 30, to take time and agree on new solutions. Meanwhile, the government is thinking about the possibility of intervening again on the price of tampons. There are two ways to go: the first involves a reduction in prices, excluding, however, the free test of ‘stana Covid’. The other, on the other hand, provides for a tax credit that allows companies that bear the cost of the tampons to deduct the cost, together with the sanitation costs incurred. A decision to this effect should already be taken in the next few hours.

Orlando: the start will be complicated, postponing it slows down the fight against the virus

“If I fear problems tomorrow with the launch of the mandatory green pass in the workplace? I think it will not be an easy step “, a” certainly complicated start. It was in the order of things. But it is the price to pay to push the country in the right direction »towards« vaccination and the defeat of the virus. I believe that inconveniences can be reduced ». The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando said on the sidelines of an electoral event with the candidate for mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. “I think that the conditions exist for inconveniences and difficulties to be reduced to a minimum, if there is the good will of everyone and the spirit of confrontation that has manifested itself today in the meeting with the trade unions,” he adds. «Are the Trieste dockers asking to postpone the start of the compulsory Green Pass? I think that postponing only means slowing down a battle to be won as soon as possible “to put an end to a” dramatic season that has paid for and will pay especially for the most fragile “. The minister stressed.

With Green pass obligation, first vaccine doses increased by 46%

With the obligation of the Green pass, the first doses of vaccine increased by 46%, compared to the expected trend in the absence of the obligation. According to ANSA, the estimate is based on updated data held by the commissioner and calculates 559,954 additional first doses related to green certification. Furthermore, the average daily tampons since the obligation was introduced is between 250 thousand and 300 thousand. The surveys relate to the period between 16 September and 13 October: without the Green Pass the first expected doses were 1,208,272; on the other hand, with the approval of the obligation, 1,768,226 first administrations were registered.

In one day, download half a million Green Passes

In just one day, 563,186 Green passes were issued, most of which – 369,415 – following a swab. The data, relating to 13 October, is published on the government platform from which it is possible to download the pass and from which it emerges that a total of just over 98 million certificates have been downloaded by Italians. The tables also indicate which are the channels with which citizens have downloaded or viewed the pass: the ‘Iò app was the most used, overall 871,791 times, followed by the Spid system and electronic identity card (279,735) and the card health care (267,347).

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