the history of our national airline

The uniforms of the Alitalia hostesses

We will no longer hear the announcement “We look forward to having you on board one of the Alitalia flights again”. The time has come to say goodbye to one of the symbols of our country: our national airline is no longer there. She, who was the symbol of the post-war rebirth, of the economic and industrial development of Italy, a company for which it was an honor and a privilege to work.

On 14 October, therefore, the Alitalia era ends. Flight AZ1586 Cagliari-Rome Fiumicino is the last one after 75 years of business of our national airline. And so the story ends, without a happy ending.

The birth of Alitalia

Founded in 1946 with the name of Aerolinee Italiane Internazionali, a year later the first Alitalia flight took off. Initially without flight attendants, introduced during the 1950s, with the uniforms designed by the Fontana sisters.

The boom of the 70s-80s

The real boom of the company is that of the 70s – 80s, with the development of the air fleet and the introduction of the flagship models Douglas DC-10, the MD-80 (McDonnell Douglas) and the Airbus A300, and the network , with the opening of the intercontinental routes that connected Rome with the Far East.

The Alitalia crisis

The Alitalia crisis began in the 1990s, first by binding to the Dutch KLM, then to the Etihad in Abu Dhabi, all partnerships went badly. Until bankruptcy.

Alitalia, a symbol of Italian excellence

The history of Alitalia is also a bit of the history of Italy, for better or for worse. It is that of excellence – it was the most punctual airline in Europe until the end – and of mismanagement.

It was an example of safety: the pilot school of the Alitalia Training Center in Fiumicino is a structure of technical excellence and envied by most of the world’s airlines.

Alitalia has won many awards from the magazine “Global Traveler USA”, such as the one for the Best Airline Cuisine, the best kitchen on board an airline, and the Best Business Class Seat Design, the best design of the Business Class seats.

The uniforms of the Alitalia hostesses

It was certainly an example of elegance, starting with the uniforms worn by the hostesses, even the colorful ones of the Etihad era. Alitalia exploited the notoriety of Italian fashion, having some of the most famous create their own uniforms House from our country: Delia Biagiotti, Mila Schön, Renato Balestra, Giorgio Armani, Ettore Bilotta the colored ones) and finally those designed by Alberta Ferretti.

Celebrities who have flown Alitalia

As a national airline, over the years Alitalia has become famous for transporting numerous “celebs” arriving or departing from Italy. , Alberto Sordi and Marlon Brando. Various political personalities have also traveled on Alitalia scheduled flights, starting with the presidents of the Italian Republic, such as Sandro Pertini and Sergio Mattarella. Frequent flyer Alitalia is also the Pope (from John Paul II to Francis), who has taken official flights for all apostolic journeys.

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