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It is the 287th day of the year, 41st week. At the end of the year there are 78 days left.

Saints of the day: San Callisto I (Pope and Martyr)

Etymology: Callisto. Coming from the Greek “Kallistos”, which means “beautiful, beautiful”, it is a name already attested in ancient times and is linked to the goddess of love “Kallistò” adored by the Greeks. It had great expansion in the Christian world thanks to the cult of many saints, even if today it is scarcely widespread throughout Italy.

It happened today

  • 1066. The troops of the Normans led by William the Conqueror they defeat those of kings at Hastings Harold II of England, who is killed by an arrow and then torn to pieces by the Normans.
  • 1912 – While campaigning in Milwaukee, the former US president Theodore Roosevelt is wounded by John Flammang Schrank. With the wound open and the bullet still inside, Roosevelt still delivers the speech
  • 1944 – The Nazi field marshal Erwin Rommel, accused of having participated in a failed attack on Hitler, he comes forced to commit suicide for poisoning to avoid the involvement of family members.
  • 1962- a U-2, US spy plane, discovers that a Cuba the Soviets they are installing in great secrecy missile ramps capable of launching nuclear warheads. Thus opens the most serious crisis of the cold War, which makes the world fear the outbreak of a nuclear conflict.
  • 1964 – The Nobel Peace Prize is assigned to the black leader of the civil rights movement in America, the 35-year-old Martin Luther King.
  • 1964: Philips builds some prototypes of color televisions
  • 1964: Martin Luther King at 35 he is the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1967 – He comes kidnapped for “obscenity” by the Public Prosecutor of Ancona on film “Blow up” by Michelangelo Antonioni, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • 1980- In Turin march of the 40 thousand employees and managers of Fiat in opposition to the workers’ strike, protesting against the threat of 15,000 layoffs. We will talk about “silent majority “ against the union.
  • 1990 – He dies in New York the 72-year-old composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein.
  • 1995 – a armed man in Moscow kidnaps a bus of Korean tourists on the Red Square.
  • 2001. Valentino Rossi wins his third world motorcycle title in the 500 class by winning the GP in Australia.
  • 2007 – The Italian Democratic Party is born
  • 2012. The Austrian paratrooper Felix Baumgartner exceeds the sound barrier in free fall by launching from a height of 39.06 meters in New Mexico reaching the speed of 1345 km per hour.

1894 – Pandoro patented: With the Industrial Property Certificate, issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Commerce of the Kingdom of Italy to the pastry chef of Verona Domenico Melegatti, the history of pandoro began, one of the most typical sweets of Italian Christmas.

Born today

Were you born today? Your intelligence is sharp, fast and the results you achieve, in study and work, are brilliant. However, your intellectual interests could lead you to neglect your love life: the choice is up to you, but know that, if you want it, there is someone who is only waiting for your gesture of love.

1927 – Roger Moore: With seven films under his belt he is the most representative face in the saga of secret agent James Bond, played from 1973 to 1987. Born in London, he is a state a movie star.

1906 – Hannah Arendt: Born in Linden, in the heart of Germany, and died in New York in 1975, she was an eminent figure of the last century. She is remembered for her work as a philosopher and historian.


1977- He dies in Madrid the American actor and singer Bing Crosby. Born in 1903, a multifaceted artist, in 1944 he won the Oscar for the film “La mia via”. But his voice is linked to the popular world record success, White Christmas, one of the best-selling records in the world.

Today’s horoscope

Paul Fox horoscope October 14th. What the stars have in store for us, let’s find out through an extract of the predictions of the most famous astrologer in Italy, every morning on Radio Lattemiele.

Aries – You will love to reconnect with something or someone from your past that brings you really good memories and even if you shouldn’t stay in nostalgia, the truth is that all of this will put you in a good mood because you will appreciate everything you have experienced completely.

Toro – What is material, perhaps related to an inheritance or a sale, will be something that will keep you on your toes or looking for some information that seems important to you. And that’s it, don’t make any mistakes, so don’t miss any details.

Twins – There will be times today when you will feel a great sense of tranquility and joy for the love someone shows you. Try to make it the most important thing and put the rest aside. You will see that it is the most precious thing in life.

Cancer – Today you enter something, a knowledge or a study and you start to find much more sense. You see many possibilities for the future and your creativity will start working at full capacity. Optimism will envelop you.

Leone – There are people who don’t change and this is something you need to assume as soon as possible so as not to hit a wall again and again. Let it all happen as usual and then make your decisions unilaterally. Don’t give it more turns.

Virgin – Staying curious about new things is a way to feel more connected to our surroundings. Today it would be a very good thing if you opened up new fields of intellectual or cultural exploration, even if in principle it is something that does not appeal to you.

Weight scale – The rest days you took were really good for you because they allowed you to contemplate some new landscape or at least relax since the beginning of the season which was a bit stressful. Now you can take on new challenges.

Scorpio – You will find unexpected support for a problem that worries you and that you never stop thinking about. If it is something related to the mental in some way, it will all be a breath of hope. You will find understanding and comfort.

Sagittario – Your reality today improves and you see that everything, with a certain perspective, has another air that is much less tense and worrying. Today you breathe and if you take a walk or enjoy a bit at your own pace and without anyone, much better. You will find yourself very comfortable.

Capricorn – The crescent moon prompts you to do something that previously gave you some fear. Most likely, it’s related to calling or calling someone you’re interested in the job. Do it sympathetically and to the best of your speaking skills.

aquarium – Following the rules is not doing you much good, even if this time you have no choice but to follow them even if it prevents you from doing what you really want. You will have time, take it and don’t fall into blaming yourself for the contradiction it supposes.

Fish – Do not make an effort today to make a person understand something you believe in, but that person will never admit, because he sees it differently. Insisting will only lead to pointless discussion. You have to assume that there are no unique truths.

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