Stefano Beltrame is the new Italian Ambassador to Vienna

ROME, “Representing Italy in Vienna is an honor, a responsibility and a joy. A path that I undertake with enthusiasm in the wake of the historical personalities who have laid the foundations of our current close bilateral relations “. Thus opens the mission of the Plenipotentiary Minister Stefano Beltrame, recently appointed Ambassador of Italy to Vienna. Beltrame takes the place of his colleague Sergio Barbanti, in office in the Austrian capital since 2017 and destined for the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Originally from Veneto, Beltrame arrives in Austria after having played the role of Diplomatic Advisor to the Ministry of the Interior, a position held since July 2018. Previously, his career was Consul General of Italy in Shanghai (2013-2018), Diplomatic Advisor to the President of the Veneto Region Luca Zaia (2010-2013), First Counselor of the Embassy in Washington from 2006 to 2010 and Deputy Head of Mission in Tehran from 2003 to 2006, in light of his experience at the Directorate General for Relations with the Middle East and North Africa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Middle East remains the passion and primary area of ​​interest for Beltrame, an element confirmed by the various publications as the author of volumes relating to the history and international relations of regional actors such as Kuwait, Iran and Iraq.

“Italy and Austria are essential elements in the construction of the new Europe that lies ahead of us”, declared the Ambassador upon his arrival, thus identifying the central theme and the direction of his next mandate. The bilateral relations between Italy and Austria are in fact purely in harmony in terms of views, but in recent times some divergences have arisen regarding central themes of the European agenda. In particular, the management of migratory flows and, more recently, the instruments of post-pandemic financial support will be among the hottest issues for Ambassador Beltrame.

The Austrian capital plays a central role on the international scene due to the presence of numerous UN agencies, such as UNOOSA, UNIDO or UNODC, or gravitating around them, such as IAEA, OSCE or OPEC. As for Italy, relations with international organizations in the city on the Danube are managed by the Permanent Representation to the International Organizations led by Ambassador Cortese. (@giorgiodelgallo)


Stefano Beltrame Italian Ambassador Vienna

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