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WHO displaces star virologists: Covid may have been born in the laboratory

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00:00 Assault headquarters CGIL, the Lamorgese says he couldn’t stop Forza Nuovaotherwise there would have been more trouble and Parliament believes it. The same one who wants to cancel Forza Nuova as a party.

06:30 Green pass, tomorrow there is a risk of chaos. Ferrara to Draghi: toc toc you are making a mistake.

11:15 am I invite you to read the letter I received from a family member of an Alzheimer’s patient.

12:35 Christmas without goods in the US says Gaggi, and Europe is thinking of a single gas purchasing power station.

13:40 Wuhan, the WHO director general now says that the hypothesis of the origin of the virus in the laboratory should not be ruled out.

15:00 Vasco Rossi against the “hate stirrers” Salvini and Meloni.

16:27 I diary di Marcello Dell’Utri in the beautiful piece by Salvatore Merlo today on Sheet.

16:45 Massacre in Norway, looks like Arrow, but gun control there?

18:03 Salvini meets Draghi and speaks of pacification while Matterella says no to the dissolution of Forza Nuova.

18:35 Administrative, abstention rewards left-wing candidates.

19:55 Alitalia, today last flight that I will soon take.


displaces star virologists Covid born laboratory

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