Covid, only in Italy there is a political debate: so the right turns towards Trump

Covid, only in Italy there is a political debate: so the right turns towards Trump
Covid, only in Italy there is a political debate: so the right turns towards Trump

I tried to take a quick look. Guardian, Faz, Le Monde, El Pais, some Times of Down Under and of course Now e Wapo. No, nowhere, except the United States, is there a political debate on Covid and vaccines. In Germany they have just voted, in France we are already in the electoral campaign but no one, even if ideologically opposed to vaccination, has thought of transforming it into the key theme of its political communication. Yet in Germany and France there are ultra right-wingers who are in opposition, right-wingers who do not hesitate to blow the fire of the racism, of exclusion, of the clash of civilizations.

In Britain, an official report has just come out condemning the government’s behavior in the first pandemic phase, and the opposition newspapers are pleading, Moretti, with Starmer’s Labor to say something sinister, to say something. Something happens in Oceania but because there are total lockdowns there as soon as a dozen infections are recorded, not deaths. But we know how it is going. There is a temptation to attribute everything to the government. To the oddity of the Best of the best to incaponarsi, unique among Western rulers, in a arm wrestling on the green pass.

Here, however, we risk falling into Cacciarian senility. That is to forget how the political game on the pandemic in our country has developed. Unique, together with the United States, where ideological resistance, superstitious ignorance, individualistic indifference, anti-state libertarianism have enjoyed so much protection. Politicians who invoked the dead to reopen everything, politicians who opposed the lockdown while thousands were dying, politicians who despised and boycotted the masks, politicians who “no coviddi”, the dead “with” or “for” Covid, politicians who participated and organized conferences deniers going after “scientists” and “scientists” to whom the press gave and continues to give inconceivable prominence.

Politicians who have the safety of the vaccine is questioned, who have defended every category that has put immediate gain before security, politicians opposed to the green pass, to tampons, to paid tampons. At all. Politicians who have a name and a surname, Meloni, Salvini, Berlusconi before falling ill, Renzi, who have blown the fire of the rebellion, in anti Conte function. Now that that fire is burning, the sorcerer’s apprentices who remained in the field even with Draghi are nailed. For a while they thought it was an election pick. Now, with verified results, with the fear that the agitated among their voters may feel traditi and drain if unsupported.

It is therefore useless to argue that the anti-tax square it is not entirely fascist and it must not be left to the fascists. It is a process that has been developing for a year and a half, not born last week in Corso d’Italia. We are actually witnessing a mutation leading to our right (the worst in Europe, as Filippo Rossi shrieks every day) towards what the American Republican Party has become with Trump. A libertarian and anarchist right that has nothing to do with the fascist ethical state, which imposed uniformity and absolute respect of his decisions.

The people of January 6. Here the people of Salvini and Meloni, our shamans with horns. And here we come to Draghi. Which as we know has a mandate. That of guaranteeing the how and who in the management of European funds, the how and who in the redesign of European financial rules. A how and a who that from 2023 could be personified by the duo of shamans. Pin them to the exaggerated defense of positions no vax, to create a health constitutional arch, is to make him very badly politically. Something has already been seen in the administrative. As funding spreads, the givers of the economic right will find the company of shamans more and more embarrassing.

I’ll be wrong, but put the 5 stars in a position not to harm, it seems to me that this is one studied second move of a combination that has as its objective the decisive outcome of the next policies.

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