“It was love at first sight. The love? It is not looking for what is missing »- Corriere.it

“It was love at first sight. The love? It is not looking for what is missing »- Corriere.it
“It was love at first sight. The love? It is not looking for what is missing »- Corriere.it
from Candida Morvillo

Virginia Saba wrote the book «The sound of beauty – notes of life and philosophy», published by If Press. And he says: «I met Di Maio at an election lunch in Sardinia. The love? It is not looking for what we lack “

To write a book on the meaning of life one must be either very crazy or very at peace with creation. Virginia Saba he seems to belong decisively to the second category when he tells his story The sound of beauty – notes of life and philosophy, published by If Press. She says: «It’s just my little journey into the soul, I’m happy if the reader is left with even just a sentence». The phrases play on Bach’s Goldbergh Variations that inspire reflections between truth, faith, philosophy, art. Asks «The Master»: «Can you take a selfie while playing the variations?». The teacher is an imaginary Bach who acts as a counterpoint to the author, but he is also her true spiritual teacher. Saba studied theology, is a journalist, works on the parliamentary commission for regional affairs and is the companion of the minister Luigi Di Maio.

She explains to the Courier service: «Ours is a world that is in a hurry, superficial. I felt the need to stop when I came across Piero della Francesca’s Pala di Brera. It was December 15, 2015. I felt the sense of the sacred. From there, I enroll in Theology and begin to reflect on what faith is, if there is truth, if there is a way of reading reality that is not seeing, but feeling ». The variations, at the beginning, accompany it by chance: “With the repetition of eight hidden notes they create like a hypnosis that takes you outside of you and then brings you back inside and makes you perceive beauty: it is like removing judgments and prejudices and see things better ». Saba asks the questions and the answers arrive. There is a before and an after in his research. She tells it this way: «As in the chapter on virtues and the Scrovegni Chapel, before, I was the fickle young lady in a fluttering dress who at every event goes one way or the other, without firmness. After, whatever happens, I have like a pillar inside ». His teacher is not famous “he is a cultured man, with a suffering life, who every day gave me things to study”.

At the time, Di Maio was not yet in his life, he will arrive there in January 2019. «It was love at first sight at an electoral dinner in Sardinia», she recalls now, «I think he enjoyed talking about otherworldly issues, music, art. I looked at him among many who asked him questions and thought: this boy cannot enjoy the view of the sea ». In the end, in the book, she thanks him “because with him I understood love”. Or that, today, “love is a supermarket: you go, choose, use, then you get tired … It is taking, not giving. I am with a person who gives to everyone and therefore never has much time for me. So, I understood that love, on the other hand, is giving: it is being happy when you get a smile ». The secret, he assures us, is not to accuse, not to complain: «To love means to understand the dream of the other without forgetting yours». His, he swears, “was to write these things here.” Then, in order for the miracle of giving to be reciprocal, “infinite patience is needed. Sometimes scleri, you discuss, but it is a path, a “tend to” ».

The minister, to his fiancée’s surprise, also quotes passages: «One is: you are hungry when your stomach screams. You are thirsty when your mouth is parched … But … To love is not to seek what we lack“. You ask her if love is forever and she: “Instinctively, yes.” He adds: «Do you know what a beautiful exercise in happiness is? Anticipating his needs. Even just realizing that the beauty toothpaste is running out ».

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