Benevento, maxi fire devastates the Sapa group factory in Airola

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A large fire broke out in the afternoon in the industrial area of ​​Airola, in the province of Benevento. The flames, which involved a deposit of plastic material, released a large black cloud visible even from miles away. The fire brigade intervened on the spot. Through the official Facebook page, the Municipality of Airola recommended citizens to close their windows and “abandon their homes if hit by the trajectory of smoke.”

Fire in the Sapa headquarters

The fire broke out in the warehouses of Sapa, a company that produces plastic components for the automotive sector in the industrial area of ​​Airola, in the Benevento area. The imposing toxic cloud was also perceived in Naples and in various municipalities in the Caserta area. For the extinguishing operations teams of firefighters came from all over Campania. Arpac carried out surveys on air quality after the fire. It is the second devastating fire of this type in the space of a month in Campania, after the one in the industrial area of ​​Carinaro (Caserta) on 16 September.

Arpac controls

Technical and operational prescriptions have been issued aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts deriving from the extinguishing activities. Based on the examination of the materials subject to fire, Arpac technicians installed passive samplers with radial symmetry near the site, with the main purpose of detecting the concentrations of airborne Cov (volatile organic compounds). Arpac is also proceeding to install a high-flow sampler for determining the concentration of airborne dioxins and furans. The Agency is also evaluating, based on the evolution of the available data framework, to place a mobile laboratory to integrate air quality monitoring in the area affected by the fire. To complete the information framework deriving from the instrumentation positioned near the fire site, the results provided by the stations of the monitoring network permanently operational in the area can also be used. In the next few days, moreover, the sampling of the surface soils (top soil), in soils located along the direction of prevalent dispersion of the smoke column generated by the fire, will be carried out, to evaluate any impacts from fallout of the particulate originating from combustion. The results of the ongoing activities, Arpac said, will be published as soon as they are available.

The bishop’s message

«I wish to demonstrate in the name of the Diocese – writes the bishop of the Diocese of Cerreto Sannita-Telese-Sant’Agata de ‘Goti, Monsignor Giuseppe Mazzafaro – closeness and prayer for the fire that affected one of the factories located in your territory, destroying it. I also wish to express solidarity with the entrepreneurs, all the workers and their families, with the hope of being able to rebuild and start over soon. We feel involved and united in defending the common home and the dignity of work ».


Benevento maxi fire devastates Sapa group factory Airola

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