“Down price tampons, government will decide in CDM”

“Down price tampons, government will decide in CDM”
“Down price tampons, government will decide in CDM”

Mandatory green pass at work from tomorrow Friday 15 October. On a possible and further lowering of the prices of tampons, to facilitate unvaccinated workers, the premier “Draghi assured us that the government will decide in the next few hours” said Luigi Sbarra, secretary of the CISL, at the end of the meeting with the premier at Palazzo Chigi. “They will discuss it tomorrow on the CDM, explained the prime minister – echoed Pierpaolo Bombardieri, of Uil – and there they will decide what to do”.

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To raise the question of the price of tampons, on the eve of the new deadline for the green certificate, i labor unions. “We took the opportunity to report to the government the need for a significant reduction in the cost of the tampon – explained Maurizio Landini (CGIL) – but also that the tax credit for sanitation services be strengthened. We would like all companies, not just some, to take the honor of the cost of tampons “.

“There is an ongoing meeting to verify the possibility of a lowering and further containment of the costs” of the tampons, said the Undersecretary of Health Andrea Costa. “On this level, Commissioner Figliuolo has already done an extraordinary job, because we remember that we are already faced with controlled prices. If the conditions are in place to achieve further cost containment, I believe it can be assessed positively. But the issue it is not the free of charge swabs. The government has chosen the vaccine to get out of this pandemic “.

“Tomorrow we start” with the Green pass in the workplace “with the established rules – highlighted Costa – We are in a delicate phase and the extension of the Green pass will help us to get out of this pandemic. a further sacrifice to citizens to workers to businesses to companies, but we are aware that we are on the right path. And the data shows it “.

“We do not believe the free swab is the right solution – he then remarked – We invite those who have not been vaccinated to do so. It means securing their own lives and that of others and allowing the country to return to normal”.

“If our country is at this point today – he explained – we must say a big thank you to the more than 43 million fellow citizens who have vaccinated themselves. be fair or respectful towards them “.


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