First home bonus under 36, here are the news: it also applies to the pits, except for preliminary contracts

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The new first home bonus for under 36s also applies to the appurtenances of the subsidized property, such as the garage for example. Registration, mortgage and land registry taxes are also cleared for deeds subject to VAT. The bonus, which is valid for deeds stipulated between May 26, 2021 and June 30, 2022, also provides for the exemption from the substitute tax for loans granted for the purchase, construction and renovation of residential properties.
On the other hand, the facility is not applicable to preliminary sales contracts, as it is provided only for translational or constitutive deeds for consideration. These are some of the clarifications contained in a circular (number 12 E) of the Revenue Agency. The subsidy was provided for by the Sostegni bis Dl (Dl 73/2021): young people under 36 years of age and an ISEE not exceeding 40 thousand euros who buy a house, as written, by 30 June 2022 can benefit from it.

The requirements to access the new bonus

The bonus is reserved for individuals who have not yet completed thirty-six years of age in the year in which the deed is signed and with a value of the equivalent economic situation indicator (ISEE) not exceeding 40 thousand euros per year. Furthermore, the taxpayer, at the time of signing the deed, must declare that he has an ISEE value not exceeding 40 thousand euros and that he is in possession of the relevant valid certification (or that he has already requested it on an earlier date or at least contextual to the signing of the deed).

The advantages

The subsidy, the document emphasizes, provides several advantages, which also extend to the purchase of the appliances of the main house. In the first place, there is an exemption from the payment of registration, mortgage and cadastral tax and, in the case of a purchase subject to VAT, a tax credit equal to the tax paid for the purchase is also recognized, which may be used to subtract the taxes due on deeds, reports and tax returns subsequent to the date of purchase or used in compensation through F24. Concessions also for loans related to the purchase, construction and renovation of the property: with the first home bonus under 36, in fact, the substitute tax of registration, stamp, mortgage and cadastral taxes and taxes is not due on government concessions. To benefit from the exemption, the beneficiary must declare the existence of the requirements in the contract or in an attached document.

Preliminary sales contracts and judicial auctions

The circular of the Revenue Agency also focuses on preliminary sales contracts, which cannot enjoy the new concessions as the law refers only to translational or constitutive deeds for consideration. It remains understood that, in the presence of the legal conditions, after the signing of the definitive sale contract, it is possible to present a formal request for reimbursement for the recovery of the proportional tax paid for advances and deposit pursuant to article 77 of the TUR. Finally, green light for properties purchased through a judicial auction, which can still access the benefit.

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