Conference by Alberto Pellai on adolescents and growth, Circoli Culturali Giovanni Paolo II Events in Milan

The John Paul II Cultural Circles resume their activities in the presence by proposing a comparison with Alberto Pellai, a psychotherapist known for his experience with families and adolescents. Digital characterizes the world of young children in an evident and intrusive way, but to what extent can it change and influence their way of relating to their peers? And what weight does the virtual relationship have in their affectivity, in their way of seeing the relationship with the other sex? What will the new families of tomorrow be like, born under the mixed influence of the virtual and the real? There are many question marks this topic can raise.

Alberto Pellai is a Doctor, Psychotherapist of the developmental age, PhD in Public Health. Specialist in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, he works as a confirmed researcher at the Department of Bio-Medical Sciences of the University of Milan, where he deals with Health Education and Health Education and Prevention in developmental age. He was a post-doctoral fellow on the US National Child Abuse Prevention Committee. In 2004 the Ministry of Health awarded him the Silver Medal of Merit in Public Health. He has published many books for teachers and parents, including: “All too early. The sexual education of our children in the age of the Internet”, “The age of the tsunami”, “The happy family method”, “The first kiss ”,“ Girl R-Evolution ”(all published by De Agostini), which have become best sellers with translations abroad. To date, his volumes of emotional education and prevention have been translated into fifteen countries. He regularly collaborates as a scientific popularizer with many national newspapers, including: Famiglia Cristiana, Family Health and Radio 24. He has won numerous literary awards. On Facebook he manages a page dedicated to education and prevention followed by more than 100,000 Followers.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 19 October at 6.30 pm, in the Sala Pio XII of the Ambrosiano Pastoral Center, Via Sant’Antonio 5, Milan. The size of the room allows compliance with current Covid regulations: it will be necessary to show the Green Pass at the entrance. The conference will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of the John Paul II Cultural Circles, and will remain visible even afterwards.

The John Paul II Cultural Circles are an organization born from the desire to carry out a service to the person and to human society that is expressed and implemented through the creation and transmission of culture, inspired by the values ​​of Christianity and the magisterium of the Church. The clubs are also present in the cities of Rome, Florence and Catania.

John Paul II Cultural Clubs
Digital Craft Teenagers
Grow suspended between real relationships and virtual relationships
Alberto Pellai
Tuesday 19 October 2021 at 6.30 pm
Ambrosian Pastoral Center – Pius XII Room
Youtube channel of the John Paul II Cultural Circles

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Conference Alberto Pellai adolescents growth Circoli Culturali Giovanni Paolo Events Milan

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