the shadow of blackmail to obtain the referral-

the shadow of blackmail to obtain the referral-
the shadow of blackmail to obtain the referral-

The green pass in its current form was personally wanted by Mario Draghi, based on one evaluation among many: after a collapse of the gross product of 9% in 2020, with almost one million workers on layoffs still in June this year, the premier is convinced that the utmost should be done so that new waves of Covid do not slow down the recovery. For this reason, the design of the Italian green pass is a little more daring than the models of France and Denmark – the latter are limited to public places – and extends to work and companies. If this is the goal, the realization is becoming a test. at stake is the ability of the interests organized in Italy to read the moment, look beyond their own particular dynamics and cooperate.

In everyone’s own interest, because recovery is at stake. Yet nothing like the position of part of the dockers and the road haulage reveals that the result of this collective responsibility test still remains on the line. It is, at least, for certain categories with an evident power to materially put the country in check. The test for 350 thousand workers of road vehicles, which ensure nine tenths of freight transport in the country, comes from Friday. Three out of four Italian drivers are already vaccinated but, if we include foreigners operating in the country, in total there are not much more than two thirds of truck drivers in Italy who have a green pass.: a part of the workers in Central and Eastern Europe covered only by the Russian Sputnik vaccine, which the European regulators of the EMA do not consider valid. Among the 950 employees of the port of Trieste, the imbalance is even more serious, because 40% of the employees are not vaccinated (but the incidence of the unvaccinated drops to 20% in Genoa, to 10% in Naples and Puglia, to 7% in Palermo).

The test for the logistics system in Italy therefore begins in the next few hours. And the response remains on the line. Paolo Ugg, 74 years old, for thirty at the top of the national road transport union, in 2020 he returned as president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio, does nothing to dispel the threat, which hovers, of lorry blocks on the vital hubs of Italian mobility. N tries remotely to discourage those who want to put in place forms of wild protest. Declaring an illegal strike would not be right – he premiered -. But it is clear that the reaction of the people does not correspond to rationality, given the situation of uncertainty and the lack of ability to explain on the part of the government. And again: the passage of the next few days, adds Ugg, can generate spontaneous initiatives by companies that refuse to operate by showing or not showing the green pass.

The president of Conftrasporto speaks of the wrong form on the part of those who have handled this situation in a superficial way and without hearing the interested parties. Ugg insists he is not trying to blackmail the government. If it is observed that the use of the physical strength of the trucks to block the roads would be an abuse, he is silent. He denies that hauliers are upping the ante against the green pass to get government compensation after fuel prices rise by nearly 30 percent. Its category calls for tariffs to customers to be indexed by law to the cost of diesel. But the green pass cannot be linked to expensive fuel, dice.

His complaint also seems to have little foundation that hauliers arriving from abroad would not be subject to the green pass. The law is unclear, he complains. It would be, in reality: all European truck drivers on Italian soil will have to present the barcode of a vaccine recognized by the EMA or a swab of the last 48 hours. What the hauliers say they want now is something else: the obligation to vaccinate, but postponed to the new year. Because the category is not all ready now and the part that does not intend to undergo continuous swabs. They are not reliable, they are not safe, Ugg protests. Which leaves the English scenario of empty shelves in supermarkets gliding over Italy: it was a mistake to apply the green pass now. It risks compromising Christmas sales


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