Florence, anti green pass procession alert. “Protesting is a right but woe to the violent”

Florence, anti green pass procession alert. “Protesting is a right but woe to the violent”
Florence, anti green pass procession alert. “Protesting is a right but woe to the violent”

Florence, October 14, 2021 – Un procession which touches the major institutional offices of the city, which winds from the city center and culminates under the editorial staff of The nation. Who, and “No green pass“who made an appointment on Friday morning at Florence through a flyer that quickly made the rounds of chat and social, they asked the police to deliver a document to the editorial staff. But the demonstration that inevitably arouses tension among the police forces, given the recent precedents of Rome, still does not have the final ok. Just from Roma, is expected – probably today – a circular that will govern the modalities of the parades that are scheduled from day 15, the fateful date on which the green certification will no longer be necessary only for training in the gym or dinner at the restaurant, but also to access the workplace. Thus, the “No Green Pass” procession of Florence is authorized on a general level, but conditioned by what will be the central indications for the development of the definitive route.

The most restrictive hypothesis would provide for the authorization of only one event static, even if it cannot be excluded – although it is a very remote hypothesis – that the Interior Ministry, precisely due to the red-hot climate of these days, even reaches forbid the gathering. The most probable and concrete hypothesis is therefore that in the end the procession will take place, but the route will be changed with respect to what was set in the requests that yesterday, the promoters of the initiative, delivered to the police headquarters.

It is difficult, for example, that the serpentine of demonstrators can approach Piazza del Duomo, the seat of the Tuscany Region, or via Cavour, where the building that houses the Prefecture is located. On the contrary, it is possible that a central corridor is “granted” using piazza Santissima Annunziata, thus following the path taken by the 30 thousand demonstrators of the GKN. It is difficult to make assumptions about the numbers of the participants. Just as it is difficult to predict who will join the parade, even if there is optimism about any infiltration of elements from the far right. And then, there is the precedent from last year (when the anti-lockdown demonstration turned the city into a battleground) which still suggests caution.

“I hope that the no green pass event, scheduled for next Friday in Florence, will take place in full compliance with democratic rules”, says the mayor Dario Nardella. “Everyone has the right to protest and have their say”, he adds, but “woe to those who use Florence by raping the city with attacks and vandalism”. For the mayor, “violence must also be prevented” and “whoever comes out of the democratic game of confrontation must be appropriately sanctioned”. The issue was also addressed yesterday morning by the Committee for public order and safety, which was held in the prefecture. From Palazzo Medici Riccardi, therefore, the confirmation that there is maximum attention on the appointment, but the event and its modalities are still being defined.

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