the prevention plan –

the prevention plan –
the prevention plan –
from Fiorenza Sarzanini

In view of the events scheduled for October 15, the indication given was to keep the processions away from places at risk. During the meeting at the Ministry of the Interior the analysis of the facts on Saturday: errors and underestimations

The demonstrations against the green pass planned for tomorrow
may be prohibited, in any case they cannot take place in the center of Rome. After the errors and underestimations of last Saturday, the Interior Ministry develops a prevention plan in view of the upcoming protests. And he decides to deploy thousands of men to arm the institutional headquarters too Saturday, When the CGIL will bring at least twenty thousand people to Piazza San Giovanni. Two days after the entry into force of the obligation of green certification for all workers, the tension returns to be very high, strong fears that there may be new episodes of guerrilla in the square. So that for the G20 scheduled for 30 and 31 October will also deploy there‘army.

The errors in the square

When at 11 yesterday the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese brings together the heads of the police and secret services at the Interior Ministry to analyze what happened on Saturday, no one can deny that the situation has gotten out of hand. There is a lack of prior information on how many would have joined the protest in Piazza del Popolo, so much so that at 3 pm there was talk of 3,000 people and at 3.30 pm they became 12,000. The lack of public order management is underlined after the Forza Nuova leader Giuliano Castellino announced his intention from the stage go to CGIL because tonight we take Rome and the former Nar militant Luigi Aronica dealt with police officers the deviation of the route to reach the headquarters of the union. Because although the intentions of the right-wing extremists were clear, no armored vehicles been put to protect the CGIL building and hundreds of demonstrators managed to enter and devastate the offices.

Black Friday

Now we turn the page, but fears are strong because tomorrow in all Italian cities there will be principals and sit-ins to protest against the green pass. It is no coincidence that in the note issued at the end of the meeting of the national committee for order and security, the minister speaks explicitly about the next and demanding period and recommends that the activities to prevent possible causes of disturbance be intensified, with the strengthening of observation and supervisory mechanisms of the territory and sensitive objectives as well as the monitoring services of websites and social networks, also to guarantee everyone the freedom to demonstrate peacefully and in compliance with the rules. The provisions sent to the prefects plan to prohibit all events
that are not static and in any case to keep them away from all places at risk, first of all institutional offices. Here’s why in Rome it is being considered to prevent the rally which should take place tomorrow afternoon in piazza Santissimi Apostoli, a few hundred meters from the headquarters of the government, Parliament and Quirinale.

The CGIL procession

Unthinkable to ban the manifestation organized for Saturday by CGIL, to which all the forces of the center-left will join, but for those who want it at all costs, the clash could be the right opportunity. In addition to the order service of the union which has always monitored the success of its initiatives, at least 3,000 men of the police will be engaged in the principals. That day the election campaign will also end for the administrative and before the silence that precedes the vote other squares will be full. The center-right candidate for mayor Enrico Michetti will speak at the rally in Campo de Fiori, while the one on the center-left Roberto Gualtieri it will be in Piazza del Popolo. They will be distant, but not too far and the very strong risk that a minimum spark is enough to ignite the spirits again. This is why the soldiers of Safe Streets will be employed in the security services in these days and in view of the international summit at the end of the month it has already been decided to ask the Ministry of Defense for a strengthening of the contingent with at least 500 soldiers. The choice not to militarize the cities, Rome in particular, is being revised to prevent the protests from passing the mark, raising the tension further when our country is at the center of the world stage.

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