the (many) souls of the protest-

the (many) souls of the protest-
the (many) souls of the protest-
from Goffredo Buccini

Not only left or right extremists: there are also those in poverty, those who fear the future, precarious workers, riders and retirees. Sociologist Domenico De Masi: there are five million absolute poor and seven relative poor, an insecurity that overflows

Like the Sanfedists of yore, even the green pass rebels may think that someone up there loves them. Carlo Maria Vigan, after having thundered in a video message against global tyranny and having pushed himself, crucified around his neck, to argue that the trucks in Bergamo contained few coffins and that hospital doctors had been forbidden to administer anti Covid treatments, blessed the ten thousand of Piazza del Popolo inviting them to recite the Our Father before the fight.

The conspiracy sermon of the controversial monsignor hostile to Bergoglio was then obscured by the assault of Castellino, Fiore and the comrades of Forza Nuova against the headquarters of the CGIL. And yet it would be short-sighted to de-categorize anti-Enlightenment folklore on the one hand or neo-fascist regurgitation on the other the seething magma that from last Saturday to next Saturday united and united, in dozens of sit-ins and marches, base unions and antagonists, unemployed and camalli , truck drivers, frightened mothers and destitute retirees, riders and teachers, against poor work, exclusion from recovery, precariousness, the waste of a year and a half of collective imprisonment: a mix of demands for a new hot autumn to which the obligation of a health passport seems to be the glue and casus belli.

Be it a hundred thousand like the demonstrators in the forty squares last Saturday or the million on strike on Monday according to the basic acronyms or, again, those who have already given themselves new battle appointments tomorrow, the disadvantaged of this seething season are moving fast and they convene on social networks (forty-one chats and Telegram channels surveyed in September by Baia.Tech analysts, with about two hundred thousand participants).

Without prejudice to the good reasons to dissolve an organization that seems to fall fully within the provisions of the Scelba law, the subsequent demonstrations, from Milan to Trieste, from Turin to Naples and in half of Italy, say much more. Net of the violence, social tension and worries about work and living conditions are objective, he admits Valeria Fedeli, PD senator with a long union militancy: a dramatic transition, with deadlines such as stopping the layoffs at the end of the month and the need to reform the social safety nets. The responsibility of confederal organizations increased, minority associations try to exploit the situation to their advantage. Does it remind you of the climate of ’77? With one difference, however: this time we have support resources that we must actually get to the people. Politics and trade unions must check that this happens.

A load of resentment

The parade of Milan under the Chamber of Labor, with Cobas, Usb, neocommunists and social centers that have screamed the fascists are you! to the militants of the CGIL, in the cordon to defend their headquarters, he impressed for the load of rancor in days (after the Saturday hegemonized by Forza Nuova in Rome) that should have brought solidarity to the left: pious illusion. To the microphones of Radio Radio (the Roman broadcaster dear to the Capitoline center-right candidate Enrico Michetti), the communist secretary Marco Rizzo (Stalinist never really repented), after having beaten the Democratic Party as genetically mutated and the green pass as a discriminatory measure, ventured to glimpse a new strategy of tension (a theory that was also re-launched yesterday in the Chamber by Giorgia Meloni) which would have allowed the attack on the CGIL in Rome: The police had all the tools to stop that group of people. Either they let it go or something worse. After that episode the government is strengthened and the opposition movements are criminalized. It tightens on the demonstrations and the autumn parades.

This government wants the division of the people because in this way we do not see 60 million tax bills that will arrive, we do not see the new rules on the Green economy with an increase in energy bills. If left and right radicalisms intersect in conspiracy, theories of ancient flavor mix and multiply, today, through the modern tools of the global world.

On Telegram the lawyers of the Free Choice Movement indoctrinate who, among the three million and more workers without green pass, wants to hold on and call for a general strike for tomorrow: Do not show up for work and challenge the sanction, the government has not demonstrated the persistence of the epidemic, the article 13 of the Constitution. The lawyer Linda Corrias, quoting Gandhi, also invites to prayer and fasting, which require dedication and therefore abstention from work to be in fullness of grace: this the information of the regime will never tell you.

Real pains and absurd paranoia

And while they bounce from post to post posters on the demonstrations of tomorrow (in Messina in Piazza Antonello at 10, in Rome in Santi Apostoli with the pasionaria Sara Cunial), Hard Lock wonders if something concrete will also be organized in Naples (where the inevitable neo-Bourbons), Michele swears because the hours pass and soon he will be out of work, a country run by poisonous parasites, blockades are threatened at ports, transport and supplies, Gianluca convinced that they are blackmailing young people with the disco and pushing them to get vaccinated, and Angelo carves his aphorism: There are no more young people than once !.

this unfathomable soup of public and private, real pain and absurd paranoia to complicate the analysis. Because if it is obvious that the 800 (out of 950) Trieste dockers should be taken very seriously who (chanting Draghi in the mine / Bonomi in the foundry / this is the cure for the economy) threaten to stop the port, or their companions in Genoa who already they stopped Voltri not so much for the green pass as for the supplementary contract, a vertigo catches those who come across the theory of transhumanism of which Draghi would be an apostle (advocate of the well-being of all sentient beings, be they humans, artificial intelligences, animals or any extraterrestrials …) or in the revelations on the physiological solution inoculated in Speranza instead of the vaccine and on the lethality of the vaccines themselves (one case out of two out of a sample of … ten) advocated by a very contrite South Tyrolean doctor.
For a flashy head of Io Apro ended up on the cover for having filmed himself during the foray into the CGIL, he breaks through! it breaks through !, there are many managers of bistros, bars and restaurants bent by eighteen months of ballet measures. For a violent, a hundred raped.

The contagion of insecurity

And there are five million as well absolute poor and seven of relative poor, a block of insecurity of millions of Italians that overflows, spreads on whoever is next to it, says the sociologist of labor Domenico De Masi: There is a dark color on the bottom. Not like in the nineteenth of the last century when, between war debts and ex-combatants, the picture was certainly more terrible. But we all feel … in supernumerary, all a little ex-combatants who came out of the war, each in a different way. The problem of the green pass is more psychological than real. Which is not to say it should be underestimated.

So, turn off the skeptical smile when the site ComeDon Quixote gives you the news of a Wakka Wakka tribal aboriginal who died six days after the Pfizer injection: the point may not be the validity of the news but its mediated sense. De Masi recalls the warning of his American colleague David Riesman: if in a factory the workers complain because the water is too hot and the entrepreneur, checking, discovers that instead it is frozen with icicles, it is better to worry even more, because in that factory is about to rain on him a bigger problem than a broken water heater.

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