Castellino di Forza Nuova, before the assault on the CGIL, the prosecutor had asked for the arrest –

Castellino di Forza Nuova, before the assault on the CGIL, the prosecutor had asked for the arrest –
Castellino di Forza Nuova, before the assault on the CGIL, the prosecutor had asked for the arrest –
from Giovanni Bianconi

The Roman manager of Forza Nuova and the violations of the obligations imposed on special surveillance. The sentence to the agents during the no green parade then led to the assault on the CGIL headquarters: “Take us to Landini’s or we’ll go get him”

In August, the Public Prosecutor of Rome asked to arrest Giuliano Castellino for continuing violations of the obligations imposed by special surveillance, but the judge said no. For this reason the Roman responsible for Forza Nuova last Saturday he was on the stage in Piazza del Popolo addressing the crowd. Re-proposing a script already followed on other occasions; this time, however, with greater success and effectiveness, until announcing and then lead the assault on the CGIL
. But his presence at demonstrations (often degenerated into clashes) despite the prohibitions are an ancient habit.

Hence the decision of the prosecutors led by the prosecutor Michele Prestipino, formalized on 3 August last: Castellino must be placed under house arrest, because every other prescription has proved useless. But three weeks later, on August 25th, the judge preliminary investigations denied pre-trial detention. Because the judgments of the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights have narrowed the field of “Breach of obligations” for those who are subjected to special surveillance: failure to observe the rules of “living honestly” and “respecting the laws” is not enough.

In this case, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, Castellino’s behavior had gone far beyond, because his taking to the streets despite the prohibitions resulted in the commission of other crimes; in particular from 2020, from the first anti-closures up to the anti-green pass appointments last July. But the investigating judge did not consider the elements brought by the prosecution to be sufficient.

It also did not appear that Castellino had failed to comply with other obligations, considered more stringent: the ban on leaving the house from 21 to 6.30 in the morning and the ban on leaving the perimeter of the municipality of Rome; when participated in the neo-fascist processions and not only those, often taking the lead, did it while he didn’t have to stay indoors. Insurmountable legal issues, for the judge who left the “special guard” on the loose.

Also based on this precedent, in the request for arrest (this time in jail) for the attack on the headquarters of the CGIL
, the Roman prosecutors reiterated the need for Castellino to remain detained: “The fact that all the measures adopted over the years against Castellino in order to contain the delinquent thrust up to now they have not produced any results and have not succeeded in preventing him from continuing undaunted in the commission of crimes ».

In the new request the prescriptions of special surveillance are recalled “constantly and repeatedly violated”, even very recently. And as for the Saturday episode the prosecutors attribute to Castellino, together with the other exponents of Forza Nuova Roberto Fiore and Luigi Aronica, the role of promoter of the raid to the headquarters of the left-wing union.

It was he who told the police officers “Take us to Landini or we’ll go and get it “; and after this intimation the unauthorized procession started towards the CGIL building, “opposing violent resistance against the operatives who had activated a lightening charge”.

For the prosecution, the suspects have unleashed a sort of “Urban warfare”. The objective of which was not limited to “a mere damage action”, but aimed at the “destruction of the seat of a constitutionally relevant institution and more generally the disturbance of public order”. An action conducted through the use of “sticks, iron bars and other objects capable of offending ”, with which the small police barrier that the demonstrators found when they arrived in front of the union headquarters was also overcome. It is there that Castellino would have repeated, according to the testimonies of the agents, “we must enter, let us pass», Then giving the green light to the breakthrough.

Today the investigating judge will question those arrested and then decide on the request to confirm their detention. The former lawyer of Forza Italia Carlo Taormina, who defends the members of Forza Nuova, went to talk yesterday with his clients and says he is calm: “We have reconstructed the facts also bearing in mind the dynamics resulting from the video recordings we have, from 2.30 pm on Saturday until 11 pm, we have identified, subject by subject, the specific behaviors of each one. Also by rebuilding relations with the police. We will clarify everything».

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