From dockers to truck drivers the great threat of chaos: “Tomorrow we block the country”

From dockers to truck drivers the great threat of chaos: “Tomorrow we block the country”
From dockers to truck drivers the great threat of chaos: “Tomorrow we block the country”

“Black Friday” risk. Tomorrow the obligation of the green pass comes into force in all workplaces and the protest of the dockers and road hauliers ignites. At the port of Trieste the hottest front: the workers’ committee promises to stop the activity “to the bitter end: the block will go on for the time necessary to cancel the green pass”. There is talk of about 1,500 people between direct and employees of external companies. The port thus risks paralysis and the president of the Port Authority Zeno D’Agostino threatens to resign.

After the circular of the Interior Ministry which first recommended to companies “to provide free rapid molecular or antigenic tests”, then specified that companies “will be able to evaluate” independently, in Trieste the trade unions and the Port Authority asked for a postponement of the obligation for the inability of the health system to provide swabs to all unvaccinated people. In the airport there are about 40% of workers without a green pass. And it is not enough that the companies of the port yesterday announced that they are ready to pay for the tests until December 31st, the workers do not stop: «We do not want either the Green pass or the tampons. The only opening they can have towards us is to remove the green pass », warns spokesman Stefano Puzzer. “My hope is that with common sense we can reach a balance”, says the governor Massimiliano Fedriga, otherwise “we risk doing enormous damage, not only to the economy of the city but also to all those workers who with the induced from the port work, and not only in the port ». But the protest also extends to other airports. In Genoa, about 20% of workers do not have a Green pass, but the unions, which today convened a garrison, are seeking mediation with the companies on tampons: «We want to go to work because we bring the bread home like this. And the companies also want to work: it is not a war », say port workers from the Autonomous Collective. The willingness to take the tests has already arrived from some companies of the Genoese terminals. Hypothesis excluded by the management companies at the Port of Palermo. Situation under control in Gioia Tauro and Livorno, where no mobilizations are announced.

There is also a risk of chaos in road transport, where one out of three truck drivers does not have a green pass, but this reaches 80% in the case of foreign drivers. Confetra, a federation of transport and logistics associations, fears «the paralysis of the national logistic system. Our confederation gathers 400 thousand drivers, we estimate that 30% of them do not have the green pass and that therefore in a few days they must stop, plus there is the issue of foreigners, many are vaccinated with Sputnik or other unauthorized drugs from the EMA and AIFA and cannot obtain the QR Code ». The consequence is that “the difficulties and slowdowns we are witnessing in Trieste risk replicating themselves in other terminals: ports, airports and interports,” predicts the federation of customs brokers. The fears are above all about the system’s tightness in the face of a wave of swabs to be processed. Pharmacies are overwhelmed with reservations: «Yesterday out of 315 thousand swabs processed in Italy, 200 thousand were carried out in pharmacies. We are gearing up, the requests will increase », they say from Federfarma.

Problems are also raised for law enforcement. Unions estimate around 30% of uncertified police officers. The alarm comes from the Fire Brigade: “The objective impossibility that our firefighters are finding in the area to access the tampons due to overcrowding of requests, risks causing a heavy number of absences from service with serious safety risks on work which is among the riskiest in Italy ».


dockers truck drivers great threat chaos Tomorrow block country

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