PC demo available on Steam – Nerd4.life

PC demo available on Steam – Nerd4.life
PC demo available on Steam – Nerd4.life

Capcom announced that the demo PC from Monster Hunter Rise is available on Steam. You can download it from the official page of the game, which will be launched in full version from 12 January 2021.

The version Steam by Monster Hunter Rise will include:

  • 4K resolution
  • Various graphics options
  • Supported controller, and controls also optimized for keyboard and mouse
  • Voice chat
  • Ultrawide monitor supported

Instead, let’s read i details related to the demo:

La demo di Monster Hunter Rise include 5 missions, which will teach you the basics of thread bugs, wyvern mount, and silkworm skills, as well as give you the chance to hunt.

The available missions are:

Basic Training Mission (Tutorial) Tutorial cavalcatura wyvern (Tutorial) Slay a Grand Izuchi (Beginner) Slay a Mizutsune (Normal) Kill the Magnamalo (Advanced)

All 14 types of weapons are available, and kill missions can be played in co-op for up to 4 players. Venture into immersive hunting missions using all the customization options Steam offers!

Monster Hunter Rise su Steam

If you want more details on the game, read our Monster Hunter Rise review for the Nintendo Switch version.


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