Lose weight while walking: how many steps a day

Lose weight while walking: how many steps a day
Lose weight while walking: how many steps a day

Camminare it is the best way to keep fit, away from cardiovascular problems, but not only. It also has valuable beneficial effects on the proper functioning of joints and even on the mental well-being. L’World Health Organization consider walking thefundamental exercise to prevent back pain. But it is also the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight, associated with a correct eating style. Here’s everything you need to know, to get started right away.

Losing weight while walking, the right approach

To lose weight you need to walk correctly and regularly. It is not enough to take a stroll at a soft pace every now and then. It takes a serious program, better if suggested by your doctor or an instructor who will evaluate your starting situation and the goal. If you can walk every day, for about half an hour or at least 120 minutes in a week (just over two hours) you can burn up to 500 calories (in a whole year we are talking about 26 thousand calories). With a distance traveled of about 800 meters in 10 minutes, the calories lost by walking briskly are about 40-45.
«L’approach to walking must be progressive, starting with one twenty minutes a day, for a week, and then progressing to 30 ‘and so on. Ideal would be to achieve daily sessions from 50 ‘to 120’, for a total of 10/15 hours per week ”, adds Paola Miretta.

Walking, not just to lose weight: all the benefits

«Everyone can walk and enjoy the benefits of this simple and affordable but fundamental activity. Benefit number one is a cardiovascular conditioning medium / low intensity, great for heart and respiratory system. The low impact makes walking also suitable for people who have been stopped for a long time or are overweight “, explains Paola Miretta, Fitness & Personal Trainer in Piacenza and online. The other benefits are:

  • articular: just think that the World Health Organization considers walking thefundamental exercise to prevent back pain. The walk is a first way to awaken the body and return to “feel” the joints
  • metabolic: walking reactivates the metabolism, especially in certain ranges of heart rate and in certain temporal ranges of duration
  • mental: the walk allows you to release tension and stress, focusing attention on breath and movement. Furthermore, Basic coordination is acquired from early childhood and consequently does not require a high mental commitment.

3 useful things before starting

To get the maximum benefit from walking, follow these 3 expert-recommended tips.

  • “Train in the morning on an empty stomach (after drinking a coffee or herbal tea) it stimulates the metabolism more, activating it throughout the day ”, explains Miretta.
  • Better to postpone breakfast. You can drink a glass of water and lemon, as soon as you wake up, to basify the body or green tea or herbal tea.
  • To breathe! Before walking they are recommended breathing exercises (Pranayama) e mobilization of the spine and hips.

Lose weight? That’s why math is needed

To protect the heart and lung function, you need to calculate your actual HRM with an exercise test from a cardiologist, sports physician, or suitable healthcare facility. “Indirectly, it can be calculated with one formula mathematics (Karvonen: 220 – your age). The result obtained indicates the maximum heart rate not to be exceeded during training. Using the heart rate monitor is essential: you have to set it within your own frequency ranges and respect them during training », continues the expert.

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Walking in winter with the treadmill

No excuses for city dwellers in too busy areas or for the winter months. If the problem is traffic pollution and you live in an area where there are no green spaces in which to take refuge, there is a solution. And the conveyor belt. Very convenient to keep at home even for those who want to continue training by walking even during the winter, it allows you to independently manage your physical activity.

«For beginners, that is, those who start from complete inactivity, I recommend keeping the carpet level and working with the uphill walk only after at least 20 days of reconditioning. The average speed depends on the heart rate most suitable for each person and, consequently, is variable. On average it is advisable maintain 60/70% of maximal heart rate (HRM).

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How to choose the right shoes

«Walking seems like a ‘taken for granted’ activity but it is not. It is always necessary to use footwear that protects the ankles, knees, hips and spine, offering good cushioning. Shoes must be amortized, specific for the ride. The advice is to go to a specialized shop in running articles and physically try on various models. For example ASICS, Mizuno, Nike make lines specially designed for walking and running », recommends Paola Miretta.


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