Covid makes another 20 victims in Tuscany – MAP

Covid makes another 20 victims in Tuscany – MAP
Covid makes another 20 victims in Tuscany – MAP

The new positives are 1,150. Both hospitalizations in covid wards and the currently positive ones are decreasing. There are 278 patients in intensive care

FLORENCE – In Tuscany in the last 24 hours I am 20 people died from Covid-19, 11 men and 9 women with an average age of 80 (even yesterday there were 20 deaths). The total of the deceased is 5.824.

This is the origin of the people who lost their lives: 4 in Florence, 2 in Prato, 2 in Pistoia, 1 in Massa Carrara, 3 in Lucca, 3 in Pisa, 1 in Livorno, 3 in Arezzo, 1 resident outside Tuscany.

In Tuscany they are 215.620 the cases of coronavirus positivity in total, that is 1.150 more (yesterday 1,239).

Today they were executed 26.865 tests, i.e. 15,612 molecular swabs and 11,253 rapid antigenic swabs, of which 4.3% were positive. I am instead 8.812 i subjects tested today, of which 13.1% tested positive (yesterday14%).

The currently positive I am today 26.370, that is 186 more than yesterday. THE healed in total there are 183,426, that is 1.316 more than yesterday.

In the covid departments there are Tuscan hospitals 1.815 hospitalized, 20 less yesterday when the decrease in the number of beds occupied was 84. The occupancy of beds in the non-critical area wards is 31% (Italian average 38%). In intensive care There are 278 patients, like yesterday, the occupancy of the beds is 44% (Italian average 37%). L30% threshold for intensive care and 40% for non-critical areas is identified by the decree of the Minister of Health of 30 April 2020.

The average age of the 1,150 new positives today is of 43 years old: 18% are under the age of 20, 26% between 20 and 39, 33% between 40 and 59, 17% between 60 and 79, 6% are 80 or older.


The following are the cases of positivity in the area with the change compared to yesterday:

Asl center (639 cases): 59,017 total cases to date in Florence (338 more than yesterday), 19,342 in Prato (167 more), 20,187 in Pistoia (93 more)

Northwest Asl (310): 12,135 in Massa Carrara (38 more), 22,471 in Lucca (130 more), 26,574 in Pisa (104 more), 15,953 in Livorno (79 more)

South East Asl (201): 19,785 in Arezzo (79 more), 11,909 in Siena (75 more), 7,692 in Grosseto (47 more).

555 positive cases were reported in Tuscany, but residing in other regions.

I’m 26.976 (808 more than yesterday) people, also isolated, in active surveillance because they had contacts with infected people (Asl Centro 11.342, North West 8.669, South East 6.965).

The 5,824 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic they are thus broken down: 1,842 in Florence, 474 in Prato, 522 in Pistoia, 501 in Massa Carrara, 589 in Lucca, 629 in Pisa, 379 in Livorno, 390 in Arezzo, 267 in Siena, 152 in Grosseto, 79 people died on Tuscan soil but they were residents outside the region.


Anti-covid vaccination campaign. At 2.30 pm today in Tuscany they were administered 983.630 doses, of which 720,230 first doses and 263,400 recalls. Tuscany is in eighth place in Italy for percentage of doses administered on those received, clicking here all the rankings of the various categories.

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