is a clash with the municipality

Less than twenty-four hours ago the Undersecretary for Sport, Valentina Vezzali, opened to the possibility of returning with the public at full capacity in view of the derby of San Siro. In the meantime though Milan and Inter they found a new battleground with the Municipality of Milan. Which? The rent relating to the Meazza stadium.

San Siro, Milan and Inter ask for a discount at Palazzo Marino

The two clubs have specifically asked for a discount to Marino Palace on the annual rent. At the basis of the request there would be the lack of revenues due to the anti-Covid restrictions that have banned the public from entering San Siro for half of the 2019-2020 season and for part of the 2020-2021 championship.

The annual fee is around 9.5 million euros, a figure that can be seen on the downside according to the agreements stipulated between the Municipality and the companies. The discount on the rent, always according to the contract between the parties, is possible precisely in case of lost income. Too bad that between Marino Palace e Milan and Inter there is a substantial difference of views.

While the two clubs take into account only the tickets sold and subscribers for the proceeds, the Municipality considers it only right to include TV rights and advertising sponsors in the count. So, if on the one hand the Rossonerazzuri cousins ​​ask to pay a fee practically equal to zero, on the other hand, the technicians of Palazzo Marino deem the proposal unacceptable: “This interpretation does not appear to conform either to the letter of the law – they wrote in a note – or to the principles governing the use of public assets by private individuals”.

Calculator in hand, the Municipality is willing to grant a discount to Milan and Inter, but this would be around a figure close to 22%. The game remains open at the moment with the two sides closed in defense on their positions.


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