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Bologna, April 17, 2021 – The Covid begins to ease the pressure on hospitals. To the Weather in Sant’Orsola from Bologna closes the intensive care of pavilion 5 opened last March 12 to face the third wave. It housed 18 beds. Now the Covid intensive care is all enclosed in the hall 25, which has 42 beds.

The hospital company reports on Facebook and one photo emblematic. On the coats of two nurses it is written: “And this time too it’s over … let’s hope”. “Let’s continue like this, it’s not the time to let our guard down”, reads the post instead.

Yesterday was 288 the new positives registered in the province of Bologna. Of these, 211 swabbed for the presence of symptoms, 42 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 12 through category tests, 2 through serological screenings, 1 through pre-hospitalization tests, while it is in progress the epidemiological investigation for 20. Among the 288 new infections, 195 are inserted in outbreaks and 93 are sporadic. Three cases are imported from abroad and one case from other regions.
On the front of the vaccinations, there are 180,915 first doses and 80,570 second doses, carried out from Vaccine Day to the other yesterday, April 15th. In total 261,485. The total bookings for the age groups to which the vaccination campaign is currently addressed rose to 143,544.

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