15,370 new cases and 310 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing. 4.6% positivity rate

15,370 new cases and 310 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing. 4.6% positivity rate
15,370 new cases and 310 deaths. Intensive care and hospitalizations are decreasing. 4.6% positivity rate

There are 15,370 new cases of coronavirus and 310 deaths in 24 hours. This is what emerges from the data provided by the Ministry of Health on the spread of the infection. 331,734 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic, in 24 hours which showed a positive rate of 4.6%. There are 3,340 patients hospitalized in resuscitation for Covid in Italy, down by 26 units compared to yesterday in the daily balance between entries and exits, while the daily entries, according to data from the Ministry of Health, were 163 (yesterday 199). On the other hand, 24,100 people are hospitalized in the ordinary wards, down by 643 compared to yesterday.


Today 1,378 cases, 25 deaths and 1,538 recovered

The Lazio bulletin in detail


Against 32,743 swabs carried out, 2,546 were the new positives (4.73 per cent). The registered deaths are 74, for a total of 32,220, while the recovered / discharged are 2,066. This is reported by the daily bulletin of the Lombardy Region on the spread of Coronavirus where it is also highlighted that hospitalized patients continue to decrease both in intensive care (where today there are 5 hospitalized less than yesterday) and in the wards (where the decrease is 235 patients) .


Out of 12,935 tests for Covid-19 infection carried out in Puglia, 1,525 positive cases were recorded today, with a positivity rate of 11.8% (compared to 11.4 yesterday). Eleven deaths compared to 50 yesterday. The new infected are registered as follows: 566 in the province of Bari, 146 in the province of Brindisi, 205 in the province of BAT, 199 in the province of Foggia, 163 in the province of Lecce, 243 in the province of Taranto, 2 cases of residents outside the region, 1 case of unknown province of residence. The 11 deaths: 3 in the province of Bari, 2 in the province of Brindisi, 1 in the province of BAT, 2 in the province of Foggia, 3 in the province of Taranto. Since the beginning of the emergency 2,074,260 tests have been carried out. 162,017 patients recovered. 51,515 are currently positive cases. The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 218,953.


There are 472 – slightly up compared to yesterday when they were 433 – the Covid positives found in the last 24 hours in Calabria compared to 3,984 swabs made and 3,410 subjects tested. Six deaths bring the total number of victims to 932 since the beginning of the pandemic. Leap of admissions to intensive care units: +5 (50), while admissions to care wards decrease more markedly -21 (453). Active cases amounted to 13,692 and closed cases to 40,797. In Calabria to date, 676,066 subjects have been subjected to tests for a total of 723,359 swabs performed. The people who tested positive for Coronavirus are 54,489, those negative 621,577. These are the daily data relating to the Covid-19 epidemic reported by the Health Protection Department. The confirmed cases today are divided as follows: Cosenza 184, Catanzaro 96, Crotone 51, Vibo Valentia 15, Reggio Calabria 126. Territorially, since the beginning of the epidemic, the positive cases are distributed as follows: Cosenza: Active cases 7,093 (102 in the ward AO of Cosenza; 35 in the Rossano hospital unit; 16 in the Acri hospital unit; 31 in the Cetraro hospital unit; 0 in the Campo Hospital; 18 in intensive care, 6,888 in home isolation); Cases closed 10,627 (10,204 recovered, 423 deceased); Catanzaro: Active cases 2,965 (55 in the AO of Catanzaro ward; 12 in the ward at the Lamezia Terme garrison; 21 in the Aou Mater Domini ward; 19 in intensive care; 2,858 in home isolation); 5,130 cases closed (5,020 recovered, 110 deceased); Crotone: Active cases 1,115 (32 in the ward; 1,083 in home isolation); Case closed 3,822 (3,762 recovered, 60 deceased); Vibo Valentia: Active cases 413 (16 hospitalized, 397 in home isolation); 4,261 cases closed (4,185 recovered, 76 deceased); Reggio Calabria: Active cases 2,039 (105 in the ward at the Reggio Calabria AO; 28 in the ward at the Gioia Tauro PO; 10 in intensive care; 1896 in home isolation); Cases closed 16,648 (16385 recovered, 263 deaths).


Another 1,150 new cases (average age 43 years) and another 20 deaths (average age 80 years) in Tuscany for Covid according to the 24-hour report of the Region. Today Tuscany thus reaches 215,620 cases of total Coronavirus positivity since the beginning of the pandemic (+ 0.5% compared to the previous day) while in percentage terms the healed slightly increased (+ 0.7%, reaching 183,426 ; 1,316 total healings, with negative swab, in 24 hours). The victims of Covid have risen in total to 5,824 units (including 79 deaths in Tuscany residing outside the region). The currently positive are therefore today 26,370 (slight decrease of -0.7% on yesterday) of which 1,815 are hospitalized, counting 20 fewer patients than yesterday, the same number of deaths from Covid. Among the hospitalized, 278 are those in intensive care, a stable figure. Also among the positives there are another 24,555 in isolation at home with symptoms or without symptoms (-166 on yesterday equal to -0.7%). In addition, there are other 26,976 people (+808 on yesterday equal to + 3.1%) isolated at home, in active surveillance of the ASL because they have had contact with infected people.


There are 2,232 new covid positives in Campania, of which 761 are symptomatic, out of 22,075 molecular tests examined. The resulting incidence rate (the Region does not provide the positive data for antigen tests) is 10.11%, stable compared to 10.22 yesterday. On the other hand, the number of hospitalizations leaps forward: in 24 hours the number of places occupied in intensive care increases from 131 to 145 (+14), those in hospitalization from 1,507 to 1,532 (+25). Today’s bulletin of the Crisis Unit, updated at last midnight, also reports 12 new victims and 1,937 recovered.

Emilia Romagna

There are still over a thousand new cases of coronavirus in Emilia-Romagna, but the decline in hospitalized patients continues decisively, in the order of a hundred per day. The new infections are 1,076 detected on 30,416 swabs. Of these 489 are asymptomatic and the average age is 39.4 years. The situation in the provinces sees Modena in the lead with 204 new cases, followed by Bologna (183 plus 19 from Imola). The healed are 1,471 more than yesterday and reach 280,953. Active cases are 63,691 (-425), of which 95.9% in home isolation. In hospitals there are 299 patients in intensive care (-14), 2,292 in the other Covid departments (-73). But there are another 30 deaths, including a 47-year-old in the Modena area and some 60-year-olds. For the vaccination campaign, a total of 1,274,809 doses were administered at 3 pm; 382,612 are the people who have completed the vaccination cycle.


Cases of positivity to Covid ascertained in Sardinia are slightly decreasing. In the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit, 320 new cases were detected. A total of 1,122,148 swabs were performed, for an overall increase of 4,413 tests compared to the previous figure, with a positive rate of 7.2%. There were six new deaths (1,313 in all). On the other hand, 364 (+5) people are currently hospitalized in non-intensive wards, while 55 (-2) patients are in intensive care. There are 17,425 people in home isolation and a total of 32,028 (+211) healed while the people declared clinically healed on the island are currently 7. On the territory, of the 51,192 positive cases ascertained, 13,262 (+134) have been detected in the Metropolitan City Cagliari, 7,742 (+9) in Southern Sardinia, 4,411 (+28) in Oristano, 10,152 (+86) in Nuoro, 15,625 (+63) in Sassari.

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