The maxi-fire in a logistics company in Airola

The maxi-fire in a logistics company in Airola
The maxi-fire in a logistics company in Airola

AGI – A black cloud now envelops a large part of the Caudina Valley and the dense and toxic smoke has also arrived in the Neapolitan and Caserta areas. The fire that broke out in the early afternoon inside the Sepa plant in the Airola industrial center is still ongoing. Strong explosions are heard and the flames have now enveloped the whole company.

Pallets of wood and plastic burned. The air is unbreathable and the mayors of the municipalities of Caudini, both on the Samnite side and on the Irpinia side, have issued warning notices for the population inviting everyone to shut up at home, not to go out and keep the windows closed.

But in the area of ​​the fire there are civilian homes and fear has taken over, many are leaving the buildings near the plant, seeking shelter even outside the area. Several fire brigade teams from the provincial command of Benevento are working on the spot, but reinforcements are also expected from other provinces.

On the spot also the deputy mayor of Airola Michele Napoletano, who does not hesitate to define the situation as “dramatic”. It is not yet possible to establish what triggered the fire. We will have to wait for the flames to be extinguished to begin to acquire the useful elements to reconstruct what happened.

There would be no injuries because the fire broke out in an area of ​​the company used as a warehouse and all the workers at work were immediately removed.

It will therefore be necessary, after securing the area, to carry out surveys to assess the levels of pollution. For now there are no injuries or intoxications, but the extinguishing operations are still in progress.

The carabinieri of the provincial command of Benevento were also on site to block the circulation in the area affected by the passage of emergency vehicles to later start investigations on what or who could have triggered the fire.


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