MotoGP. Portuguese GP in Portimao. Marc Marquez: I might not even finish the race – MotoGP

MotoGP. Portuguese GP in Portimao. Marc Marquez: I might not even finish the race – MotoGP
MotoGP. Portuguese GP in Portimao. Marc Marquez: I might not even finish the race – MotoGP

Friday evening, after free practice, he said it: “Tomorrow (today, n.d.r.) will be worse “. So it was. Today was harder for Marc Marquez, who still continues in his sensational comeback. First in Q1, seventh in Q2, then transformed into a sixth place for the canceled lap of Pecco Bagnaia. From applause.

What will happen tomorrow, nobody knows, not even him: given the effort he made today, there are many doubts about his physical condition throughout the GP.

“In FP3 – begins his analysis – I was rather cautious, conditioned by the many crashes: it is no coincidence that I was unable to improve compared to yesterday, I preferred to remain calm”.

How do you feel?

“Physically it’s tough, while my confidence with the bike has improved a lot compared to yesterday, when I only used Stefan Bradl’s basic set-up. Today the team worked to adapt it more to my style: nothing extreme, just something that could help me feel more comfortable on the bike. Not surprisingly, in FP4 the step forward was great, especially in terms of driving sensations. The question mark is the race: I know it won’t be fun, I’ll have to suffer ”.

Are you 100% sure that you will be able to finish the race?

“I’m not at my best physically, but I think I can finish the race, even if there is a possibility, I hope very small, that I have to return to the pits. I’m not saying anything, a lot will also depend on the pace: the higher the pace, the more you have to force. Tomorrow I will do a few laps in the warm up, even if it would be important to make further steps forward for the set-up, but it is important to keep strength for the race. Then I’ll see how the situation is: if I have to be physically at the limit, I’ll go back to the pits, so much for me it doesn’t change anything for the classification ”.

Has the bike changed a lot since last year?

“The biggest difference is my position on the bike: in the left-hand corners I’m comfortable, while in the right-hand corners I struggle with my body position. I can’t push as much as I would like on the front tires, especially in the longer corners. But we know what we need to do on the bike. It is purely a question of strength, of physical power: my body works differently. And this circuit, with more right-hand corners, doesn’t help me. But I knew it would be like this ”.

Have you talked to the doctors?

“Yes, we consult continuously, the comparison is daily. Yesterday I was warned that today would be worse and tomorrow I will have even less energy. After all, I haven’t strained certain muscles for a long time, muscles that are only used in motion. But I’m glad to be here, things are going well. The important thing is that the fracture is stable, everything else is recovered over time “.

How do you consider your sixth place?

“It’s not my real position, I don’t understand how I am there for how I am driving. The team helped me a lot to adapt the bike to my style, this was important ”.

To set the time in Q1, you attached yourself to Mir; he says that you disturbed him, that in Moto3 you would have been penalized.

“I didn’t bother him. In the first lap of Q1 I was 2-3 seconds slower than normal, but to set the time I needed to attach myself to someone to understand a few things: it happened Mir, who is the world champion. I followed him as I have been followed many times in qualifying: this is motorcycling ”.

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