Four cats find their happy ending after being rescued from the street

Four cats find their happy ending after being rescued from the street
Four cats find their happy ending after being rescued from the street

Earlier this year, a family from Ontario, Canada found a litter of four kittens. They were stray and were about six or seven weeks old by the time they were noticed and rescued.

The family immediately called Salty Animal Rescue for help, and Katelyn and Karly Saltarski, co-founders of the shelter, intervened. They gave the kittens the attention and medical care they needed, and found a temporary home for them.

Meanwhile, other volunteers continued to search for the kitten’s mom in the area, “we thought she must be there, somewhere,” they said. And after two days of searching they finally found their mother and the family was reunited.

Akela and Sassy Loo, as the two black kittens of the litter were called, immediately had a certain fear for humans. Their brothers, on the other hand, were a little less shy. “They had no contact with humans for the first six weeks of life, then they gained trust in people,” they said from the shelter. The two cats constantly needed to socialize and from the shelter everyone hoped that someone could give them a chance for a better life without stopping at their apparent shyness. And so it happened.

A woman named Candice, who was looking for a friend to adopt who lived with the other cat of the family, wanted to bring two four-legged litter into her life. «Without hesitation I filled out the application form for the adoption of the two kittens. They are very close to each other, I have always wanted twins and it seems that this was a meeting of destiny, ”said Candice.

Their names have been changed to Zoey and Zara: “Zara protects a lot of her sister who is the one most afraid of human beings, and they never stray from each other.” They made friends with the other cat who already lived there, Zeke, and he acts like an older brother to them. Thanks to Zeke, the two sisters became more sociable and playful, and after a few weeks the other two brothers were also adopted by a family. The mother, on the other hand, for now is still in the temporary house found by the shelter, and for her too they are looking for a family forever.

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