Dockers and road hauliers against the Green Pass: Italy at risk of paralysis

High tension for the Green Pass Day when Italians will have to show their vaccination passport to work. The categories are on a war footing because, in the face of a quota of unvaccinated people, they do not want to deprive people of work. At the forefront are the dockers, who are preparing for a general strike, whose hottest core is the port of Trieste where Stefano Puzzer, spokesman for the Julian dockers, told Today: “No mediation with those who violate freedoms and rights of Italian citizens. The only possible way for us is the abolition of the Green Pass ”. Arms crossed to the bitter end until the goal is reached, even if, among the workers there would be divisions: all for the strike, but there is no unanimity on the idea of ​​doing it to the bitter end. Faced with a government determined to go straight, there are those who fear for their jobs.

Meanwhile, the front of the protest is expanding from ports to highways. “If foreign hauliers can come to Italy without the green pass and this will instead be imposed on Italian companies, we will consider inviting companies to stop the trucks. We hope not, but we are discussing it ”says the president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio Paolo Uggè. The national association of road hauliers, Assotrasporti, is also pessimistic, so on October 15-16 there is a risk that the entire “transport in Italy will be blocked”.

But the hottest front remains the port of Trieste. In these hours the workers are negotiating with the president of the Region Massimo Massimiliano Fedriga, even if the one between institutions and workers does not seem to be a mediation because Puzzer does not seek compromises. Either he takes off the Green Pass or he’ll go on strike. Blackmail? “No, – Puzzer always says – Blackmail is done by the State when, while not obliging you to take the vaccine, it forces you to take the Green pass to work”. And if you think that about 40% of Trieste’s dockers are without a green passport, in the Friulian capital there is a risk of total blockage, with unimaginable damage.

Strike by the Trieste dockers against the Green Pass

But the crack in the economy of a country that has just risen has already begun. On the desk of one of the major terminal operators in the port of Trieste, the number of cancellations from the eastern Mediterranean grows hour after hour and produces incalculable losses. While the front of the most important airport in Italy for handling (and among the largest on a continental level thanks to the connections with Central and Eastern Europe) is mobilizing to block operations in view of October 15, on the other hand the possible solutions appear very distant. The government does not step back one meter, the Trieste Port Workers Committee (CLPT) plays upwards. A week ago they asked for tampons, today they are aiming for the withdrawal of the Green Pass.

The risk of the port of Trieste being blocked is real. The scenario is that of an economic catastrophe. The first to have left the Adriatic port are the organizers of Formula 1. The cars and logistics of the Istanbul Grand Prix, in fact, were at home in the Julian capital and used the motorway of the sea created between the port and Turkey. The return is already planned for Marseille. There, the chaos of the Green Pass is not there. The ClpT goes straight and knows no mediations or compromises. The president of the Adriatic Port System Authority Zeno D’Agostino flew to Rome to try to convince the government to apply an exemption on the Green Pass. Draghi does not give up. The Veronese manager at the helm of the Julian port has threatened his resignation.

One scenario is that relating to the devastating economic and image repercussions for the whole city. Just a few weeks ago, the government sent Minister Giorgetti to bless British American Tobacco’s 500 million euro investment in the Trieste freight village. Salvini, on the other hand, winks at the anti-Green Pass protesters and supports the protest of the dockers. On Friday, the ClpT threatens to block the gates and the critical issues also come from the absence of green certificates among truck drivers. Most come from Eastern European countries and at least 30 percent, according to what is reported by the Rai of Friuli Venezia Giulia, have not been vaccinated. The main Italian port risks paralysis. In the background is the ballot to crown the next mayor of the city. On the one hand there is the outgoing mayor, Roberto Dipiazza. On the other, the dem Francesco Russo. The government has given the green light to the 416 million euros planned for the airport by the PNRR. In short, the game being played for the port of Trieste is much greater than the protests.

Strike against the Green Pass: monitoring in ports

The Friulian capital is likely to be a powder keg. Reassurances arrive from various parts of Italy, although no one a priori excludes critical issues and inconveniences. The port of Venice should not be in trouble from Friday: “In Venice, most of the workers are vaccinated, an alignment with the national data is estimated, ie around 80%. The risk could be shifted to other aspects of the logistics chain : – speculates Alessandro Santi, national president of Federagenti – some hitch could occur in the road transport sector, therefore also industries and interports could have problems “.

In Genoa there are some terminal operators ready to pay tampons to employees who do not have the Green pass. This was confirmed by Beppe Costa, president of the association of Genoese terminal operators of Confindustria at the end of a meeting in the prefecture where it emerged that, it is estimated, in the Ligurian port, there are 20% of unvaccinated workers.

There shouldn’t be any problems even in Puglia, where there are five important stopovers: Manfredonia, Barletta, Bari, Monopoli and Brindisi. The secretary general of the Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea, Tito Vespasiani, said that there “the vaccination rate reaches 100% in some sectors.” Vespasiani numbers are certain because they are the result of a very recent exploratory survey started following the rise in tension in Trieste.

The same reconnaissance also took place in the Tyrrhenian ports of Piombino and Livorno where the System Authority does not register any particular critical issues. This was stated today in a note by the Authority itself. In Tuscany, companies have made it known that they have no particular critical operational problems “.

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