Enula di Amici, have you ever seen your mother? As beautiful as she is

Unexpected exit ofFriends, listed at the final and even at the victory Enula returned to her daily life without knowing what awaited her. The young singer atypical in the ways and in the appearance but certainly talented and original in the way of singing will be a guest of the episode of very true of today. Enula told in Silvia Toffanin’s living room how she lived the experience ad Friends, how it has changed it, but above all how satisfied it is with the journey it has taken.
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Very true, Enula: “I missed the world”

Enula, like all young girls of her age who follow a dream, has revealed that she is afraid of the future. Before leaving the talent of Maria de Filippi did not know what awaited her, but above all what her plans and commitments would be: “I was scared, I didn’t know what I would find outside the school. However, when I saw the world again I realized that I had missed it. I also feel pampered by the people I meet on the street, who give me incredible support ”.

The former student ofFriends she sings since she was very small, she also participated in the young talent program I sing, and has always had a family that has always supported her. In particular Enula is very fond of her mother who has always encouraged her to pursue her dreams: “She is proud of me, seeing her daughter realize her dream is unimaginable. I missed her very much ”. On Instagram, the 22-year-old also shared some shots of her child in her mother’s arms: a beautiful, spontaneous and apparently determined woman who was close to her in all her life and musical paths.

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Enula: “She is proud of me …”

Enula has a special relationship with her mother, and knowing that he has made her proud of her and happy fills her with joy. “Mom, maybe I chose you before I was born ” wrote the former student of Friends on social media. A caption that accompanies a tender shot of the very small singer.

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The artist also explained what relationship he has with colors and why he loves to paint himself every time he performs, a way for her to express her individual sense of protection: “Colors have always represented protection for me. Ever since I was little, I painted parts of my body.


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