Rudy Zerbi and Alessandra Celentano launch the challenge to “Amici”: “We will win”

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They are the two most feared professors in the school of “Friends”. Rudy Zerbi e Alessandra Celentano they told each other in a long interview with “Very true”: “If we want to win? No, we will win”, began Zerbi talking about the running edition of the talent show hosted by Maria De Filippi, the eleventh for him. The teacher then spoke about her relationship with the other colleagues: “My heart is divided in two, there is an artistic love with Arisa and a more carnal love with Alessandra”. And he continued, joking: “With Arisa we are still at the messages with Alessandra there is something more”.

“If we are particularly aggressive this year? It seems to me not, I think it is a constant – he joked instead Alessandra Celentano, who is teaching for the eighteenth year in the program school – I would like to underline, however, that we really care a lot about the talent of the kids and would like to help them grow. This is why we are so straightforward and true. I think I’m always the same, even if it depends on who you have in front of you, sometimes you try them all to get the result. But I really think that rules and discipline are useful not only in dance, but also in life “.


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