“The premier as witnesses” – Corriere.it

“The premier as witnesses” – Corriere.it
“The premier as witnesses” – Corriere.it

The government wants to be a civil party in the trial for the murder of Giulio Regeni. On the eve of the hearing that will have to decide whether (and how) the trial on torture and the death of Giulio Regeni in the absence of the accused, the Prime Minister confirms his will to stand up against the Egyptian 007 accused of kidnapping, torturing and killing him. It is possible that the request will be filed tomorrow in the Rebibbia bunker room. In this first phase it will be necessary to examine both preliminary and crucial issues such as the reasons for which the agents of theintelligence Egyptian, accused of the Regeni murder, are not present. N the general Tariq Sabir n the colonel Athar Kamel nor his colleague Usham helmi or the major Magdi Ibrahim Sharif, accused of the kidnapping and killing of the researcher, they will in fact be in the courtroom. An investigative compendium has been constructed against them made up of testimonies, documents and other evidence that must be verified in a trial but it could even happen that the process undergoes a stop necessary to re-propose a new letter of letters with Egypt.

Giulio’s family will be in the courtroom, assisted by the lawyer Alessandra Ballerini, which in recent years has followed progress and investigative difficulties. Paola and Claudio Regeni have already made it known that they will call the presidents of the Council who have followed one another from 2016, the year of the facts, to testify at the trial. These are four premieres starting from Matteo Renzi who leaves the job to Paolo Gentiloni in December 2016. So it will be the turn of Giuseppe Conte and of the same Mario Draghi. The respective foreign ministers and undersecretaries with responsibility for intelligence services are also included in the list of witnesses.

The Regeni family hopes the process turns into a great moment of truth, given the many shadows that still envelop the story. Therefore he intends to call to depose the Egyptian leaders including Al Sisi and his interior ministers. It remains to be seen whether the leaders in Cairo, historically reluctant to collaborate with Italian investigators, will want to make themselves available for an examination in front of the judges. Paola and Claudio often say that all human rights have been violated on Giulio. From today we have the well-founded hope that at least the right to truth will not be violated. It took us 64 months, but today’s was a good milestone and a good starting point, declared Ballerini on 25 May, the day on which the judge for preliminary hearings Pier Luigi Balestrieri started a trial that was not at all obvious and uphill defining consistent and structured the set of clues collected by the prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco and by the chief prosecutor Michele Prestipino.

The gup had rejected all of them one by one the exceptions raised by the defense.It was the Egyptians themselves who communicated the details of the four military men accused today. As for jurisdiction, the fact that it belonged to the Italian judiciary appears in the codes and conventions signed by both Italy and Egypt. A certainty, therefore, that the defendants were aware of the procedure they had voluntarily evaded. Certainty also deriving from the extraordinary media coverage of the event. For all these reasons, the indictment was deemed substantially and formally legitimate. The reasons for Regeni’s kidnapping would be explained by the desire to intimidate and exert pressure on the victim in order to obtain a series of information. In recent days, in Cambridge, where a commission is carrying out a mission to meet the academic authorities and teachers of the young researcher, Giulio’s tutor, Maha Abdelrahaman, was heard. His life, he admitted, was turned upside down by this murder.

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