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The putto of the #GFVIP House – Big Brother VIP

To enliven the afternoon, Alex e Davide they decide to do something fun and original.

While the other competitors are in the garden, the two VIPs, in the beauty area, dedicate themselves to hair and make-up with the help of Substance. After a long and demanding preparation, the time has come to show everyone the result. Alex, at this point, goes to the garden to gather all the VIPs and asks them to follow him inside the House as he will read a Communiqué.

“Sculpted directly by hand, through hammer and chisel, we have finally chiseled the chiseled putto. The fountain that will be put on display is on a permanent basis. The putto of GF 6 “ this is how the actor introduces and explains the artwork that he will show to all the VIPs. The competitors, have fun, start playing and everyone makes his proposal to grab this original work. The winner is Already who, generously, says she is willing to share this winnings with others.

After this moment of fun and originality, the VIPs return to their afternoon of relaxation.


putto GFVIP House Big Brother VIP

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