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Giorgio Croci, a great name in structural engineering linked to the protection and conservation of Italian and world cultural heritage, died last night. Born in Rome in 1936, graduated in Civil Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome in 1960, he specialized over the years, with his Studio Croci e Associati, in the complex world of cultural heritage. His most famous operation remains the disassembly and transport in three pieces of the Stele of Axum (150 tons, 23.40 meters high), a trophy wanted in Rome by Mussolini after the foundation of the colonial empire in Ethiopia and placed at the end of 1935 next to at the headquarters of the current FAO, in front of the Circus Maximus in Rome. After countless claims by Ethiopia, supported by international organizations, the Stele was dismantled in 2003 and relocated in 2009 (as provided for by the agreements) in the sacred area of ​​Axum. A job that amazed the world for the care and absence of any problem.

He was president of the scientific committee for the analysis of structural problems of historic buildings at the ICCROM ((International Council of Monuments and Sites), of which he was then honorary president. He was a member of the committee for the conservation of the Temples of Angkor in Cambodia and in 1996 he was the scientific coordinator for the structural maintenance projects of the Colosseum managed by the university with the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome. His name is also linked to the Tower of Pisa: from 1998 to 2003 he coordinated the structural consolidation works . He was also a Unesco member of the committee for the safeguarding of the Citadel of Jerusalem. He intervened in Assisi, at the Basilica, for the anti-seismic adaptation and improvement in the post-earthquake restorations. A name of great worldwide prestige, which he has always been proud of. to be Roman.

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